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A Complete Guide - Gena Nail Polish Thinner

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Vy Nhu / 08 Aug, 2017

So, you love shopping for nail polishes and other nail art product? While, you cannot apply all of them together and with time the nail polishes do tend to thicken. You can’t let your money go down the drains now, can you? Therefore, a good nail polish thinner say for instance Gena Nail Polish Thinner is the solution to all your thickened nail polish issues. Although, there are many brands on the market and you are free to select any other brand as per your licking and needs. However, Gena is known to be one of the best brands catering in nail products one can choose from.


Moreover, there are many who have a misconception believing that a dissolver or acetone can be a replacement for nail polish thinner. Which as a matter of fact isn’t true at all, although many use these but will agree that the results are not satisfactory at all. This is why using a proper branded thinner is suggested by nail care “Pro’s and Guru’s”. Nevertheless, it is always better to know about any product that you’re thinking of buying before you actually make the purchase. This way, you will know exactly the reason for buying it and at the same time would know exactly which one to choose from. So, let us get to know about nail polish thinners a bit more to ease your doubts about it.

What exactly is a nail polish thinner?

Only a nail art lover would know the importance of a nail polish thinner. Moreover, every pro in this field will have this in their manicure kit at all times. Like mentioned before, we all tend to shop more than we require and same goes when buying nail polishes. Sometimes we like a particular color or at times just for thrill we add new nail paint to our kit. With time the nail paint gets thickened and applying it is a task and it leaves your nails looking messy and uneven. This is where you need this product as this chemical solvent helps in renewing your dried and thicken nail polish, making them as good as new and ready for application. Therefore, if you don’t happen to have a thinner in your manicure kit, add one today!

How is a nail polish thinner used?

You will find many nail polish thinners available in a variety of brands. You can easily buy one from any of the local stores or even buy through online shops that offer great deals. Using this product is quite simple; all you need to do is pour a few drops of the thinner directly into the dried/thickened nail polish bottle until you get the desired texture and consistency.

Moreover, it is better to buy a dropper (which is easily available at any drug store) to pour thinner into the nail polish bottle. This way, you will not pour excess amount of thinner, which is a possibility if poured directly through the bottle.

Also, keep in mind that if your nail polish is “gel based” you need to buy a thinner which is made for gel based nail polishes. As, using a normal thinner will not give you the right results.


What is the difference in a regular dissolver and thinner?

As you already know, a nail polish thinner is used to renew/rescue your old dried, sticky and thickened nail polishes. On the other hand, a regular dissolver or acetone is used to remove the nail polish from your nails.

Many make the mistake of using an acetone in place of a thinner, which only leads to unsatisfactory results. As a matter of fact, it only helps in ruining your nail design rather than enhancing it.

Therefore, it is required that you use acetone when you want to “remove” your nail art design or nail polish and to restore your old dried nail polish you need a good nail polish thinner.

So, get your facts right! “Acetone” is a nail polish “Remover” and NOT a nail polish thinner.

How can you renew your thickened nail polish at home without using a thinner?

So, you forgot to buy a nail polish thinner and the nail color you want to use has thickened? Well, don’t panic! There is a solution to it, turn on hot water and keep the nail polish bottle under it for just a few seconds. Say about 20-30 seconds should do the trick. Now, hold the bottle in between both your palms and gently start rolling it from side to the other.

You might have to repeat this process a few times if you don’t achieve the desired results in the first try. This hack usually works most of the times, however if your polish is completely dried you will have to use a thinner and this trick won’t work on it.

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Some brands you must consider while selecting a nail polish thinner for your manicure kit!

  • Orly – It comes with a dropper making is easy for use and does it job of making your thickened polish thin very well. Rating for this product out of 10 is 8.8!
  • Seche – Promises to maintain the color while thinning the nail polish to perfection. The rating for this one out of 10 is 9.7!
  • Super Nail – It is said to be an excellent product for thinning nail polishes while maintaining its consistency. The rating for this one out of 10 is 9.6!
  • OPI Lacquer – This product is another great buy for thickened nail polishes; it rejuvenates your old polishes making them completely new. The rating for this one out of 10 is 8.9!
  • GenaGena Nail Polish Thinner is one of the best thinner money can buy. It gives a good texture to your old and dried nail polishes making them absolutely new to use. The rating for this one out of 10 is a whopping 9.9!

So, to maintain the beauty of your manicure it is a “MUST” for you to have a nail polish thinner included in your nail-art kit!

Have you used Gena Nail Polish Thinner before? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.