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CND Stickey Base coat Sally Beauty: Your Secret Ingredient for Perfect Nails

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Vy Nhu / 08 Aug, 2017

Though the concept of nail care and nail embellishment crept gradually into the fashion industry, but in no time the ‘Nail-istic’ approach began advancing like a rapid fire into the lives of most women. Anything that is exposed to the outside world needs to be accessorized to attract attention and flaunt one’s individuality. Well the Nail industry has definitely taken a great leap in this regard with the introduction of a variety of nail care and nail décor products such as the CND Stickey Base coat Sally Beauty that avows to enhance your look every wear, every season.


With the increasing demand for nail swag, professional nail salons have been progressively opening round the corner, tempting anyone and everyone to step in and explore the magical nail world. However if you are someone who generally tends to run out of time and bucks to hop in to one of those mystical nail hubs, you need not be disappointed. With a myriad of nail care assets easily available online and in several retail stores, you can conveniently design a personalized home manicure kit with your handpicked nail tools and products.

Now coddling your nails is not as easy as it seems and it certainly involves time and energy whether you decide to go to a salon or put on the artist crown and explore your own creativity at home. Adorning your nails is indeed an art which can be mastered as long as you get your basics right. Most people, depending on the time, occasion and the desired look, directly splash their nails with unique nail lacquers to flaunt their personality. And one fine day as they wake up to a perfect morning, they suddenly notice their nails discolored (yellowish), dry and brittle– A not so perfect morning then! A horrific sight in fact! So how did this all happen? How can your nail health deteriorate inspite of using high-quality branded nail polishes? Has all your time and money gone in vain? Well there is certainly a catch.

So there is absolutely nothing wrong with your elite nail polishes, but there is definitely a flaw in the technique of applying them. I’m sure the sight of an incomplete burger wouldn’t excite you, right? You would want the filling to be perfectly placed between both layers of the soft buns. Well the same concept applies to making your nails look luscious yet healthy. Always remember four is the magical number when it comes to painting your nails. Four refers to the four layers of coating that you certainly shouldn’t skip. So your nail sandwich should comprise of an upper layer of top coat, a lower layer of base coat, and two coats of your desired nail lacquer in between, to offer your nails a picture perfect look.


What is a base coat and how is it your savior?

Often overlooked, the base coat plays a very important role in giving you a satisfactory and long lasting end result of your pedicure or manicure. The base coat is a type of nail polish that is either clear, opaque pink or milky-coloured and is specially designed to be applied to your nails before applying any nail lacquer. This foundational nail coat benefits you in the following ways:

  • It facilitates the nail polish to stick to your nails for a longer period of time. So it serves like a double-sided tape responsive at both ends.
  • It acts as a barrier by protecting your nails from the harmful effects of nail lacquers.
  • It prevents staining of nails.
  • It prevents peeling or chipping of the nail lacquer.
  • It gives an even texture to your polished nails.

Base coats are usually fortified with Vitamin E, protein and calcium to ensure that your natural nails remain healthy without facing any major issues such as peeling, breaking or splitting. Base coats come in a variety of types, each induced with a unique functionality.

  • Long Lasting coats: These ensure the longevity of your perfect manicure.
  • Ridge-filling coats:  These are thicker coats which fill in any grooves and ridges in your nails to give them a smoother look.
  • Everyday treatment coats: These almost function as nail facials and help in quick drying of the nails.
  • Intense Treatment coats: These are your big guns when you are in a state of war with your severely damaged, brittle and dried nails.
  • Specialty coats: These are used to tackle specific conditions such as glitter polishes which do not come off easily. So a peel off base coat handles the situation well.

However to give your nails a flawless look, always remember that before applying your favorite base coat, use a cotton swab dipped in either a non-acetone nail polish remover or alcohol to swipe your nail bed. This will help clean the nail bed off any natural oils, dirt or traces of your hand lotion.  Many a times the base coat is used singly as it provides a neutral yet glossy look.

Even though most of the elite nail brands have their own unique base coat products, the CND Stickey base coat has emerged at the best among the lot. It is a soft and sticky base coat with a great consistency to give you nothing less than the healthiest nails. They greatly help in preventing chipping and peeling. Nail lovers vouch by the effectiveness of the CND Stickey Base coat Sally Beauty, in terms of improving the wearability of the nail polish, preventing the staining of your nails whether natural or enhancements and a good drying time.

So the next time you sit for a manicure, ensure that you do not skip the most important process of applying a base coat that might slightly extend your nail beautification process but will greatly extend the life of your natural nails, protecting it against chemical damages and ensuring that they are always in the best shape to give you the best feel and the best look ever!

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