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Vy Nhu / 08 Aug, 2017

Give your Hands and Feet an Amazing Look with OPI Nail Lacquer Colors

In the present fashion scenario, the definition of beauty goes far beyond make-up and clothes. Women just want to look their best from head to toe and they do take great pains as far as their hands and feet - especially nails - are concerned. OPI's Nail Lacquer colors collection does just that for you - makes you look and feel pretty. Well-groomed hands and feet reflect the personality of a woman to quite an extent, and this is where nail enhancements come into the picture. Some women are naturally blessed with healthy and well-shaped nails. They can beautify their natural nails with OPI Nail Lacquer Colors. But for some, nail enhancement is the answer to all their nail-related troubles.

A nail extension is a light-weight plastic plate that is glued to the tip of your nails to add the desired length following the shape of the nail. After the extension is set, acrylic nail lacquer, gel nail lacquer or fiberglass is applied on the extension and 'cured' to secure the extension, followed by an enhancement of the nail with polish and shine. Here, your choice of bright and trendy OPI Nail Lacquer color is applied after the extension process to give the desired effect.

When you decide to go for nail enhancements or nail extensions you have an array of options, again, at OPI - your one-stop shop for nail-related accessories, be it extensions, lacquer, nail art etc. There are basically three methods apart from the old stick-on that were used donkey's years ago.


Method I: Acrylic Nails

In the beauty industry, Acrylic nails have been used as nail extensions for a long time now. These nails are known to be durable and have a long shelf life. The process starts with the treatment of your natural nails. The nail artist will, first of all, clean, then file and buffer the dull talons and trim them if required. The acrylic extension is now fitted over the tip holding it in place with the help of a glue-like substance and applied over the whole nail. Now the nail artist will buff the nail giving it a nice clean finish. Your nails are now ready for applying any shade of OPI Nail Lacquer Colors of your choice.

The life of Acrylic nail extensions depends upon the wearer. If you are one who does a lot of work with your hands or feet, there is a chance that the OPI Nail Lacquer color wears off the nails. Correspondingly, the life of your nail extensions will decline, but there is no need for worry as the nail artist can easily repair them by filing the damaged extension and re-coating with acrylic and OPI Nail Lacquer Colors.

Removing acrylic nails can be done at home or at the salon, as desired. If it is not done correctly, it might leave your nails weak and damaged. The general process is to dip your nails in an acetone-based polish remover for fifteen to twenty minutes and then gently remove the gummy layers with a flannel cloth. Apply petroleum jelly in generous amounts, as acetone can cause drying of your fingers, toes and nails. Ensure that you do the whole process of removing acrylic nails patiently. Otherwise it might cause extreme damage to your nails. After your natural nails are clean, you can apply a generous coat of the desired OPI Nail Lacquer Colors out of the 250-plus color variants available with OPI.


Method II: Gel Nail Extensions

Gel nail extensions are a new and popular nail extension procedure in the beauty industry today. Gel is a special product that is beneficial for your nails as it contains an ingredient that strengthens your nails and is especially good for weak or brittle nails. The process of gel nail extension begins with sanitizing your hands and treating the cuticles. The gel layer to be applied is thinner than the acrylic layer. So your natural nails require less buffing. After the gel has been applied, your hands and feet are exposed to UV light after each layer to ensure proper drying and hardening of the nail. The end result is a hard yet flexible nail with a natural gloss, which is chip-resistant. Applying a coat of your choice of OPI Nail Lacquer Colors in the end will give your nails a gorgeous look.

Gel nails are usually difficult to crack and chip-resistant, often lasting for more than a month. Infill and repair of gel nails is done in more or less a similar way as for acrylic nails. But if you want to remove gel nails, it is advised to get them removed from a nail artist or a nail technician because the method of removal depends on the brand of gel nail extensions. After removal of nail extensions, you can preserve the look and style of your nails by applying any of the many hues that OPI Nail Lacquer Colors provide.

Method III: Fiberglass Nail Extensions

Fiberglass, better known as silk wrap nail extensions, is no longer as popular as before. But there are many salons still offering this service. The fiberglass is a thin material that is cut into pieces to be attached to the tip or nailbed and sealed with glue or resin. The fiberglass, being thin, requires less buffering of the natural nail and provides flexibility and a natural look to your nails, apart from giving a classic shine and lustre to them. OPI Nail Lacquer colors look great if applied on these nail extensions.

One big disadvantage of fiberglass nail extensions is lack of durability. They cannot withstand frequent contact with water; and over time, they become brittle and lose their flexibility.  Removal of fiberglass nail is done like acrylic by soaking your nails in an acetone-based remover and the residue - wiped away gently with a soft cloth - to avoid damage to the nails. However, the array of colors belonging to the OPI Nail Lacquer collection does great justice to nails with or without these extensions.


Exclusive Colors Palette of OPI Nail Lacquer Colors

OPI, being a well-known beauty brand, is renowned for its durability, proficiency and incomparable color palette. Although other products are expanding side-by-side, it is the OPI Nail Lacquer Colors that are dominantly making their presence felt. The nail enamels by OPI provide rich and long-lasting color, apart from being classy, chic and trendy. The OPI Nail Lacquer Collection is quite durable lasting for days together, without chipping or cracking. In fact, there is a wide range of colors available - from the soft shades to the classics to the designer series. All three are very popular, despite being unique in their own way. The following are some distinctive names given to various colors of the OPI Nail Lacquer colors Collection:

  • OPI Nail Lacquer color BUBBLE BATH
  • OPI Nail Lacquer color BRAINS AND BRONZE (check out reviews here)
  • OPI Nail Lacquer color PURPLE WITH A PURPOSE
  • OPI Nail Lacquer color SUZI'S HUNGARY AGAIN
  • OPI Nail Lacquer color WORTH A PRETTY PENNE
  • OPI Nail Lacquer color MY GONDOLA OR YOURS?
  • OPI Nail Lacquer color 'LIV' IN THE GRAY
  • OPI Nail Lacquer color YOGA-TA GET THIS BLUE ( check reviews here)
  • OPI Nail Lacquer color CAN'T FIND MY CZECHBOOK, among so many more!?

Which of the 250-plus colors from OPI Nail Lacquer collection are your favorite shades? If you have tried OPI, then do share with us your experience and feel of OPI Nail Lacquer Colors. You may add your comments below on those specific colors from OPI Nail Lacquer colors that you think are a must-have in your closet!