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Essie grow stronger base coat directions

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Vy Nhu / 09 Aug, 2017

Essie grow stronger base coat directions – The secret to eradicating your brittle or weak nail problems

For women, the most common problem faced by them is having weak nails, which break without any reason. This makes the hand get unkempt and sloppy. This is the result of different activities done either at work or at home. If you are suffering from this condition then you shouldn’t hesitate in reading this article because it will tell you how to prevent the chipping and breaking of your nails. Following the Essie grow stronger base coat directions can help in giving your nail the needed strength it needs and stop it from breaking off.


The cause of fragile Nails

There are different reasons why people suffer this condition. Among the common symptoms are brittle nails, which break off in layers, chip, don’t grow, and break at the slightest hit or carelessness. Brittle nails irrespective of what we do wears out, whether it is typing, washing dishes, or doing nothing at the weekend. Fragile nails have nothing much to do activities performed by you but the following:

  • Diet: For people who do not consume an adequate amount of Vitamin A and B. besides this, an insufficient amount of calcium, zinc, protein, and iron could make your nail look yellowish and unflattering.
  • Calcium deficiency: This happens when you don’t take adequate amount of calcium or the inability of your body to retain calcium.
  • Illnesses: Illnesses such as rheumatism, poor blood circulation, hyperthyroidism, and anemia are related to one having fragile nails.
  • Overall poor health: People whose body has a low defense and weak are more susceptible to having weak or chipped nails.
  • External factors: Exposure to high level of chemical products such as disinfectant, detergent, and bleach and constant contact with water like rinsing vegetables, bathing children, and washing dishes can lead to having a weak or chipped nail.

Do you know that you have enemies? These enemies are responsible for you having weak or chipped nails and include psoriasis (dermatitis), aging, onychophagia (biting your nails), excessive heat or cold, genetic predisposition, mycosis, excessive manicure, and UV radiation.


Suggestion for the prevention of brittle nails.

No body wants to suffer from weak or brittle nails, therefore if you have followed the Essie grow stronger base coat directions properly, your case should be different as it is the solution for a fragile nail. Nevertheless, following the following tips from our professional manicurist will help in the prevention of brittle nails.

Use gloves when washing dishes: If there is the possibility of washing dishes once a day, it will do you good. Hot water and dish detergent are harmful to the nails and hands. The chemical and the temperature makes your nail weak and increases their vulnerability to different problems. When next you want to do wash the dishes, make use of latex gloves. Consequently, there is a word of caution here. Ensure you put cotton tights beneath the gloves, which will help in absorbing perspiration and take care of your hands at the end.

Eat more protein: The importance of eating food, containing protein cannot be overemphasized. The hair and nails are the product of proteins. Whenever there is insufficient protein, it means you are consuming less nutrient that is needed. Ensure you consume soy, leafy vegetables, and meat.

Eat fatty acids: Aside from the consumption of rich protein food, the fatty acid is also important as it helps in giving you a healthy and strong nail. Remember your nails is a reflection of your health. Fatty acids can be found in flax seed oil, butter, vegetables, walnuts, whole milk, and eggs.

Repair them immediately: Assuming your nails have the tendency of breaking, the optimal solution is cutting them to the level of the finger. Additionally, once they are broken, repair them in order to avoid frequent breaking. You can use a band-aid or file them up. If you are considering saving your nails, you have the options of putting some drop of glue on it with a piece of paper. However, you can also follow the Essie grow stronger base coat directions in having a strong nail and solve the problem of weak or brittle nails.

Listen to your Manicure: When you nail polish starts coming off, don’t scrape it because it makes the top layer to be weak. Another important culprit is nail polish remover. Do all that is possible to limit its usage to once a week if you don’t want your nails to dry out. Additionally, avoid the use of fake nails or nail hardeners because they are responsible for hiding the foundational problem of the nail.

Don’t use your nails as tools: For most people, their nails have become openers but this is wrong. They aren’t meant to be used as removing stickers because they will get weak easily and break.

Avoid leaving it underwater for a prolonged time: It is not advisable to leave your nails under water always. Therefore, be on the watch when next time you are in summer or vacation or beside the pool. Remember chlorine is harmful to the skin or nails, so avoid it as much as possible.

Maintain your nails weekly: Your nails depicts your health condition and need frequent maintenance. Using a mixture of olive oil and salt, you can exfoliate your hands before scrubbing them completely. After this, the nail polish can be removed. Additionally, file them from one side to the middle to remove any imperfections. Finally, allow it to soak in a warm water for some time before applying a moisturizing cream while massaging it.

Try homemade remedies: There are various remedies in getting rid of brittle nails. This include sodium bicarbonate with water, raw garlic mixed with varnish, castor oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil, egg white, papaya, dill with water, honey, warm water with cider vinegar, and a mixture of sugar with lemon juice. These are just a few to mention. These homemade remedies must be applied to the affected nails an allowed for some minutes before rinsing with warm water.

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