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CND essential solar oil how to use

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Vy Nhu / 08 Aug, 2017

CND essential solar oil how to use it and the importance of using nail oil

A manicurist informs you of the importance of using rubber gloves when you are doing gardening or washing up dishes or clothes. The importance of oiling your nails regularly cannot be overemphasized for those who value the time spent in the salon. Besides this, do you know how to keep your nails healthy? Well, it is very easy if you know CND essential solar oil and know how to use it. However, for those who don’t know what nail oil is, in this post, we will inform you what it is, the benefits of using a nail oil, the ingredients in CND essential solar oil, and the direction of using solar oil.

What is a nail oil?

A nail oil is similar to a nail polish and comes with a brush. The essence of the oil is to help in protecting your nails, skin, and maintaining a healthy cuticle. Most cuticle or nail oils comprises of ingredients such as Vitamin E, primrose oil, and some kind of seed oil. In the latter part of this article, we will show you the ingredients of CND essential solar oil. Now you know what a nail oil is, what next.

Are there benefits of using nail oil?

In as much as some people don’t like the idea of using a nail oil, it is not the best choice because everyone should use it even if you are putting on artificial enhancement (Acrylic, Gelish, or Shellac) or have a bare nail. For those using any form of artificial enhancement, it is vital to make use of a nail oil especially if it is acrylic nails because this will stop the enhancement from chipping, cracking, and drying out. The benefits of using nail oil include

  • Remove ridges: You should adhere to the advice from your manicurist by using nail oil twice or thrice daily, it will help in providing more moisture for the nails. In this situation, the ridges won’t be visible as when oil is not used. Perhaps you don’t know, ridges are the vertical or horizontal lines within your nails, which are caused by excess filling of the nails and medication.
  • Moisture: The ingredients contained within these oil helps in bringing moisture to the nails, which from using products such as Shellac or nail polish can be lost. Besides this, it helps in moisturizing the surrounding skin and cuticle.
  • Health and shine: Using oil help in keeping your nails shiny and healthier even if you are using natural nails.
  • Splitting, flaking, and chipping: Another key benefit of knowing how to use CND essential solar oil or any kind of oil is the fact that it brings flexibility and strength to your nails. For those with weak nails, oil is the perfect option if you want a nail that is strengthened. For those with very strong nails, using nail oil can help in softening it. Why does this happen? The flexibility provided by the oil help in giving more endurance to the nail when carrying out your daily activities. In as much as the flexibility isn’t visible to the eyes, the oil helps in preventing splitting or chipping. Flaking occurs when the natural oils within the nails evaporate via your daily activities such as washing and the oil help in replacing the lost natural oil and make stop the flaking of the nails.

Ingredients of CND solar oil

It is important to know the ingredient of any product use as some have an ingredient that may be reactant to their body. Knowing how to use CND essential solar oil is as important as knowing what ingredients it comprises of. CND solar oil contains the vital ingredients needed to have a fabulous nail. The key ingredients contained in CND solar oil are as follows:

  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is widely recognized as an antioxidant agent that helps in the neutralization of free radicals. I will not assume that you know what free radicals are. They are responsible for breaking the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. It also helps in moisturizing and softening the area applied including the prevention of any signs of untimely aging of the hands.
  • Jojoba seed oil: This natural oil helps in penetrating directly into the natural nail to condition and moisturize the nail. Aside from this, it acts as the transporter for other vital ingredients in increasing the penetration to the nail.  
  • Sweet almond oil: This ingredient is responsible for moisturizing and softening the cuticles, nails and the skin surrounding it.

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Directions of use:

Now that we’ve informed you about what nail oil is, the benefits, and the ingredients it contained, it is paramount to know how to use CND essential solar oil. First, you apply the nail oil using a brush, which is mostly included when purchased. Paint around the cuticle area generously and using your fingers gently massage the cuticle, nail, and the surrounding skin. The reason for massaging is to help in increasing the flow of the oil to the nails and fingers, which helps in growth. Ensure you don’t use much of the solar oil.

Your Reward

We’re glad you have read this article to this point and we know you have learned the lessons you haven’t learned before reading this article. As a reward, we will share with you how to restore your brittle nail. Nevertheless, if you do not have brittle nails, at least read it for someone who you may help. There are different ways of restoring your brittle nails and these includes:

Consuming food with high vitamin E: This is not just important to your nails but to your body. Calcium, folic acid, and protein help in nourishing your nails and body. The consumption of fish with calcium and omega-3 fatty acids can help if eaten in increasing manner. In addition, the intake of vegetables containing vitamin E can help in improving your nail appearance. Do not forget the importance of drinking lots of water in fighting against dehydration.

Protect your hands: Wear rubber gloves when cleaning in order to protect your nails from the dangerous chemicals contained in detergents and other products. Consequently, you can make use of hand lotion immediately you finish washing. Finally, ensure you pay special attention to your cuticles and nails.

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Knowing what the positive attributes of CND essential solar oil and knowing how to use it is vital to healthy fingernails.

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