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CND almond hydrating lotion review - Essential tips to having a healthy hand

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02-08-2017 Như Vy
Hand lotion or cream is something that should be used daily and not just for those doing their nails. You must understand that your hands perform numerous tasks and your skin is constantly exposed to chafing elements, drying, and harmful UV rays from the sun.

Hand lotion or cream is something that should be used daily and not just for those doing their nails. You must understand that your hands perform numerous tasks and your skin is constantly exposed to chafing elements, drying, and harmful UV rays from the sun. Integrating hand lotion as part of your daily routine is vital to effective care of your skin will help in keeping your fingers and nails in a healthy condition. What we are sharing with you is something that most CND almond hydrating lotion review complained how they can avoid germs from their nails.


Moisture: Using a hand lotion is essential as it helps in preventing the chafing, cracking, and chapping of the skin. The oil ducts on the fingers and palms are tiny when compared with another part of the body. When you now put your nails into consideration, you understand why your hands dry out and get chapped easily. According to one of the CND almond hydrating lotion review, the user confirmed that it moisturizes dry hands and cuticles. The lotion is used daily to moisturize dry hands and cuticles. A moisturizer is required for your hands to help in balancing the dryness on the skin.

Sunscreen: You will agree that your hands and nails get exposed to sun rays. For instance, the UV lamp used for the nails exposes the hand and nail. The use of hand lotion helps in protecting not just the nails but the skin from sunscreen. Aside from this, it helps in the prevention of cancer. Therefore, when next you are using a hand lotion, make use of the best as cnd almond hydrating lotion.

Infusions: The mixture of certain elements into lotions has benefited the hands. Different herbs can support in the treatment of certain issues, complaints, or ailments. For instance, clove, lavender, or camphor helps in pain relief. For scars that are fading vitamin, E infusion is very necessary.

Renewal: Other types of hand lotions are beneficial to the skin through the renewing of the cells for a youthful, healthy, and fresh look. When you want to buy any hydrating lotion, ensure it contains glycolic or salicylic acid, which is sometimes called beta-hydroxy acid.


How to apply hand lotion

Smooth, soft hands not only feel good but also look great. If after doing your manicure and your hands seems to be overly dry, your skin may turn red, itch, or crack leaving you with inflamed or raw knuckles, which isn’t just embarrassingly unattractive but painful. The application of hand lotion twice a day will help not just your nails but also your hand in getting softer, younger, and healthier with the advantage of preventing future discomfort because of chapped skin.

Step one: First wash your hands using gentle hand soap. Using a clean dry towel, gently pat your hands on the towel.

Step two: Using a pea-sized dab of almond hydrating lotion towards the back of the hand.

Step three: To spread the lotion evenly, press the back of the hands together

Step Four: Rub the lotion directly to the left hands, focusing on the attention of your knuckles. This process could be repeated on the right hand.

Step Five: Any excessive lotion should be blotted out using a towel.

Warnings: Remember there are some lotions that can cause irritation to the sensitive part of the skin. If after the application of the lotion and you discover your hands turning red, sting, or itching, immediately wash it and use a non-scented product. If you have read most of the cnd almond hydrating lotion review, you will recognize that the case is different.

There are some things you will be required when carrying out the above activities. They include a good hand lotion, towel, and hand soap.

Natural Remedy for Harshly Cracked and Dry Hands             

Before going for your manicure, certain circumstances may result in the skin within your hand to be dry and eventually getting cracked. Besides this, dry air, harsh winter weather, and excessing dishwashing can contribute to drying of your skin. Assuming your hands is beyond this stage with painful cracking, it’s time to follow these simple steps in reversing such damage and get you back to comfort. At least you will learn the CND almond hydrating lotion review from many respondents on the solution of a hydrating skin. After this step, surprise yourself by going to your manicurist and make the best nail you have ever made.

Step one: Minimize the time spent with your hands in water. Assuming your job needs frequent contact with water like the washing of dishes; ensure you use a rubber glove in protecting your hand. Also, why not make use of warm water instead of hot water, which is responsible for drying of the hands quickly. You can make use of an oil-based moisturizing soap, which is free from fragrance and alcohols. Use a dry absorbent towel to dry your hands. Remember that excessive rubbing can lead to irritation of the skin and hands.

Step two: Apply a lotion without alcohols or fragrance.

Step three: To protect your hands when going outside during cold weather wear warm and soft gloves to help in the protection of your hand.


Prior to the undergoing of any of the mention steps above, ensure you consult your dermatologist if no improvement is seen. Consult an expert if any pain and itching continue for a longer time. Common first signs at the beginning of the infection include swelling and redness.

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Tips: Ensure you consume adequate water in the course of the day to help in keeping your body and skin being dried out. Finally, also avoid any form of fluids responsible for the dehydration such as alcohol and caffeine. In carrying out these steps, ensure you have the following items: humidifier, warm soft gloves, rubber gloves, absorbent dry towel, oil-based moisturizing lotion, and a bag of frozen vegetables.

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