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Gel Nail and Pregnancy - How safe is it to wear those fancy gel nails during pregnancy

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The major chemicals used in gel nails is methacrylate monomer. They come in different kinds most of which are totally safe for use. However, there is a particular type that should be avoided. This type is called the methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA). Whether you are pregnant or not this kind of monomer should be avoided.

The MMA, however, is found in acrylic nails. Gel nails, therefore, remain safe during pregnancy. So long as you stick to safety precautions. Understanding of the product is a good way to stay safe during pregnancy.


MMA can cause skin, lungs and eyes irritation. They can also be a source of allergic reactions. This kind of monomer has been banned in many states in the U.S. it can still be found in the UK, however, it is been replaced largely.

Ensure you go to a trustworthy salon when going for a gel nail replacement. Ask questions, find out the chemicals they use. Reliable nail salons are always happy to tell you about their merchandises.

The fumes associated with gel nails when applying and during curing can cause nausea. This is most prevalent when you’re suffering from morning sickness. Ensure the room is well ventilated or wait until your condition improves before applying.

Most women develop sensitive skin during pregnancy. This makes it more likely to react with Gel nails. It can even lead to the growth of fungal or bacterial infection around the nails. Pregnancy tends to make your nails longer and thicker. You may choose to go natural if you’re scared of infections or reaction.

Gel nails differ from acrylic nails as regards removal process. The process of getting rid of old gel nails is by soaking or filing. Acetone is the most effective method of removing ordinary nail polish. Unlike the regular nail, gel polish has to be soaked for up to 20 minutes.

There are just fragments of information as regards the safety of this process during pregnancy. Therefore it is best to adhere to the following precautions during pregnancy:

  • Avoid too much use of gel nails during pregnancy. Try out other safe nail treatments instead. You can even opt for a natural look between treatments.
  • You may request the salon staff to stick to the minimum amount of time required when soaking the nail polish.
  • Ensure the room is well ventilated or air-conditioned.
  • If you wish to remove the nails yourself, use cotton balls soaked in acetone instead of soaking. This will reduce the amount of skin contact with the acetone.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water to remove any remnants of the chemical.
  • Avoid dark colors and glitter nails during pregnancy as they are harder to remove. The chemicals in glitter nails are harder to deal with. It may require extra pressure and soak to remove. Save yourself all that stress and go for something light.

How about those working as nail technicians at beauty salons? Working on gel nails may not be safe for you during this period. Constant exposure to fumes every day can cause you to fall sick. What is more important? It can also increase chances of miscarriage. It can also lead to babies with birth defects.


It is therefore important for your employer to ensure that you and the baby are safe during pregnancy. You may request a risk assessment during pregnancy.

If you own the place, why not ask your assistant to take over? It is safer to stay away from harmful fumes when pregnant. When applying or removing gel nail polish, ensure to take the following measures:

  • Ensure to put on face masks and latex gloves
  • Work near a good ventilation source (window preferably)
  • Take regular breaks for fresh air.

While gel nails can be very tempting to use, dermatologists have some issues with it. There are some toxic compounds contained in gel nails that may prove harmful to your baby. They can easily get absorbed into your nail bed. In the case of absorption, nail polish can prove harmful during pregnancy.

UV lights lamp are not also very safe for you and the baby. This can cause premature aging and is also linked to cancer. Even though the chances are so rare, the UV light can still get to your belly. Who knows, it might be harmful to your baby.  

Get more info when you watch this video.

Safe practices During Pregnancy

According to some experts, the tendency of the chemicals contained in nail polish harming your unborn baby is very slim. However, there is no sufficient research to back the statement up. It is therefore advisable to stay away from gel manicure during the period of pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is important to limit our amount of contacts with chemicals. It will be in your best interest to limit the number of times you visit the nail salon.

Ensure you have some knowledge of the nail polish gel before attempting them. It is very important to visit a dermatologist. They are in the best position to help you choose what’s best for you. If it is not safe, trust me, a good dermatologist will let you know. Caring for your nails at home will save you a lot of money, however, the job is best left for the experts to handle. Pregnant periods are delicate periods therefore not to be joked with.

You may choose to stick to natural nails during your pregnancy. A few months with natural nails is never a bad idea if you ask me. A natural manicure and pedicure without gel nails are still okay for the period.

If it becomes mandatory you must go, ensure the instruments are well sterilized. Especially the bowl used for a pedicure. This is to prevent the growth of fungi since pregnancy periods are very sensitive periods.  

Let us know if you would use Gel nails while pregnant. Leve your comments below.