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Helpful tips when applying acrylic toenail and what are approximate acrylic toe nail price?

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Once you’ve met the right nail technician, you will always want to apply acrylic nails when preparing to participate in numerous occasions.

For this reason, celebrities often slay acrylic nails and the next time you’re admiring the nails of your favorite celebrity, you should know you can get the exact same design achieved through the application of acrylic toenail.

Here is some general information you need to know about applying acrylic nails as well as acrylic toenail prices.


Find a reliable acrylic nail technician to apply acrylic toenail

  • Making sure that your nails stay healthy and undamaged means that you need to make use of a qualified nail technician. Having a different stylist apply your nail every time will place you at a high risk of visiting an amateur who might do some damage to your nails.
  • Every time you want to apply your toenail, you will know exactly where your nail will be applied, since you already have a salon where you always do them. If you move around a lot, you just love going to different salons or you observe that some particular salons apply a particular nail type better than others, you could at worse find 2 to 3 reliable salons where your nails can be applied. You should then settle for these salons.
  • Apart from the fact that you will be more relaxed with the person that applies your acrylic toenail regularly, knowing there is little chance of getting your nail damaged, the technician will also be used to you and therefore get to know your preferences.

Always clean your nails in a gentle manner

  • It is important for your nails to always be clean as it is the easiest and best way to avoid getting an infection. Make sure you always wash your hands every time. You can also use a nail brush to scrub dirt from below the tips of your nails on a regular basis.
  • This is especially when you apply long acrylic nails. The longer your nails, the more dirt will be able to find its way below your nails, along with germs that can easily cause infection in your nails.

Fill your acrylic nails regularly

  • Regularly filling your acrylic toenail is a good way to keep it firmly affixed to your natural nail as well as prevent infection. There are several cases of individuals who go a very long time without filling their nails, which later regretted it.
  • A very easy way to ensure you don’t expose your nails to nasty gunk when your acrylic nail starts to separate from the natural nail bed is to make sure that at the very least, you should fill your nails once in 3 weeks.
  • Filling your nails once in every 2 weeks, is, however, recommended.


  • It is important to budget for applying and filling of your acrylic toenails. By the time you start applying, the possibility is high that you might have to pay as high as $35 for gel polish to be used for filing your nails if you go to the expensive salons.
  • Remember you might have to spend this amount every 2 to 3 weeks.
  • It is recommended to get a new set of nails every 4 months. This could cost as high as $50.
  • Even though there are cost-effective alternatives, you should consider their technique and the cleanliness of the salon when making your choice.

Changing of nails

  • It could be a bit difficult when you have to remove your old acrylic nails to get a good one. The old acrylic nails could be removed with a clipper (which is more painful and definitely not for those with weak natural nails) or soaking in acetone and filing (which takes longer and have to be done repeatedly).
  • Overall, the look of your new acrylic nails and the elegance it adds to your appearance will be worth the stress and the acrylic toenail price.

Adjusting could take some time

  • Bear in mind that acrylic toenails need some time getting used to. This could extend to wearing open sandals, to closed shoes that might be a little tight.
  • Either way, ensuring that you take every precaution to protect your nails means that you wear the right shoes that not only makes your nails last as long as possible, but also provides you with an opportunity to wear footwear that is healthy.

What are acrylic toenail prices?

There are different price ranges for acrylic nails services you can get. The prices stated below are the average estimate for these services including acrylic toenail price.

  • Taking off or soaking off acrylic nails cost in the region of $10.
  • Tip/overlay for the 10 acrylic toenails could amount to $30.
  • Filling 10 acrylic toenails could allow you to part with $25.
  • One acrylic toe tip/overlay costs about $5.
  • Filling of one acrylic toe is approximately $3.
  • Cutting your acrylic nails could cost you anywhere in the region of $5.
  • If you want manicure or gel polish after taking the acrylic nail off, that will cost you about $20
  • If you’re after a new set of acrylic toenails after removing the old set; this could cost you about $25.


While you may decide that applying acrylic toenails is what you would like to do, ensuring that you choose the correct nail technician is paramount. Furthermore, acrylic toenail prices differ and therefore choosing services that fits into your budget is the best option to choose. 

Check out this video here.

Please let us know in the comments below what you’re willing to pay for acrylic toe nail prices. Show us a pic (or two), with what you’ve had done recently.