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How to reduce gel nails price

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The implication is that we are compelled to buy within a budget as well as cut down cost as much as possible. Cutting down cost implies trying to purchase the goods and services that we require at the least price possible, without compromising on quality.

If you love your nails so much and you want it to look good, then it is also important that you learn how to make your nails look good at the least price possible, so that it does not become a strain to you, neither do you also need to sacrifice making your nails look good on the altar of inadequate funds to cater for it.

If you are looking for ways to reduce gel nails price, then this article will guide you on different ways that you can achieve this, without compromising on quality.

Learn to Remove Applied Nails on your Own

A simple way of reducing how much you will spend on gel nails is learning to remove your gel nails on your own.

On average, removing a gel nail cost between $5 and $12, depending on the type of gel nail that you intend to remove.

Removing gel polish with French polish costs $12, removing gel polish with regular polish costs $10 and removing gel polish costs $5.

Note that the prices could differ with location and the reputation of the salon where you are removing the gel nails. You can, therefore, save this sum if you can properly remove the applied nails on your own.

It is important to have learned and been sure you can do it on your own to avoid causing damage to your nails. Causing damage to your nails will end up costing you much more to fix and you might be forced to also treat infections and leave your nails bare for a period of time, during which you might be forced to move around with bad looking nails.

Check out this video on how to remove gel nails in order to reduce gel nails price;

Treat your Nails with Care

Treating your nails with care is another way to save money on gels nail. When you treat your gel nails with care, you will be able to use it for a longer period of time before there will be the need to change it.

You will also be able to save some money that will have been required to repair the nails, should they get cracked or broken.

This amount could range from between $3 for one finger to $30 for ten fingers.

Fix your Nails when Demand is not High

  • People will always want to fix their nails to reflect a particular season. While doing this is great, you might want to fix the gel nails a bit earlier before people begin to rush for the same purpose.
  • For instance, the need to make gel nails that will reflect a season or festival such as Christmas or Halloween could mean a lot of people fixing gel nails within a week and a day before such events.
  • The huge crowd will lead to increased demand, which simple economics has made us understand will lead to increased gel nails price.
  • Applying seasonal nails at least 2 weeks earlier will mean you can get your nails at the normal price and still be able to use it for the event. This also means that you are in the spirit of the season longer than normal!

Look out for Promos and Discount

There are nail salons that occasionally engage in promos and discount for nail services at different intervals. You could look out for such promos and discount as they provide an opportunity to get high-quality service at a cheaper price.

The promos and discount enable you to pay less for the same quality of service you would have paid more for at other times.

Always Fix All Nails at Once

Fixing one nail is always more expensive than fixing every nail based on the price for each nail. This is because virtually every nail salon will offer some type of discount when you are applying all your nails, compared to when you are fixing a single nail. If you want to treat your nail, fix nail gels or require other services for your nail, it is best to plan towards having all your nails attended to at once, as that will provide you with the best value.

In some cases, the price is even cheaper when you are maintaining all your hand’s nails and toenails at the same time, compared to if you do all your hand nails on a particular day and then you do all your toenails on a different day.

It is thus, advisable to take advantage of bulk pricing to apply gel nails for all your nails so that you get the best value for the service.

Opt for Simpler Designs

Simpler gel nail design will help you save cost on the amount required to do your nails. You could save as much as $20 for a simple nail gel design; compared to if you are opting for a complicated design. This amount will be more if you do your nails in more expensive salons.

You could do complicated designs only when it is very necessary such as during festivities so that you are not looking odd among your peers. In other cases, however, a simple nail gel design will still make you look beautiful, while you save some money.

Always Use a Professional

The quest to save money should never replace the use of a professional. Failure to use a professional could be a very big mistake that will cost you much more than you were hoping to save. While the gel nails price of a professional will be a bit higher, you will get more value from them, compared to when you use a novice or a nail technician who do not have the right tools. Your nails could be damaged or infected and you might have to prematurely remove the nails, spend money on treatment as well as cope with a bad nail for a few weeks before it might be safe to attempt fixing nails again.