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Where to book the best pedicure service

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If you are not into getting your feet pampered, I am here to convince you otherwise. Pedicures are one of the best ways to get you a well-deserved treat. As we have been exploring this month, pedicures are very good and can be one of the best ways to achieve the most productive feet and nail treatment procedure. To find the best salon that will provide for you the pedicure services you want, you first have to be aware of the different types of services that different pedicure salons have to offer. There are different pedicure services all based on the type of spa. The services are customized to the particular type of salon the service is provided in the different types of salons, although they are very similar in the fact that all of them provide services for your feet and services that are relating to the specific sort of pedicure you require in that moment will be provided by special type of salon.

Different Types of Pedicure Services

  • Classic Pedicure

The type of pedicure you get on a regular day is called the classic pedicure or the regular pedicure. The classic pedicure is a regular treatment that will allow for the provision of a warm and pampered feeling but nothing more major than that. This type of pedicure is known as the traditional pedicure people get to get their legs to feel good. The process is pretty simple with a foot soak and a foot scrub. The foot soak is usually in warm water. After the feet are washed and scrubbed, the nails are filed and moisturized then painted over. The feet are moisturized and that marks the end of the classic pedicure.

  • The Fish Pedicure

This type of pedicure is quite unconventional. It is a type of feet treatment whereby your feet is soaked in water with tiny fishes. The process involves the fish swimming round your feet and eating away all the dirt as well as the dead skin around your feet. This type of pedicure service provides an organic and natural treatment for your feet without the use of any chemical ingredient whatsoever. The downside to this form of pedicure is if you have a sensitive skin, you might not be able to sit through the process because it can be really ticklish as the tiny fishes feed on your dead skin. Anyways, it worth trying, you might end up enjoying the process.

  • Paraffin pedicure

If your feet is always dry and appears crack, then the paraffin pedicure is for you. It helps to soften and moisturize your feet leaving your feet looking fresh and pretty.  The process is not as complex as the name sounds; it involves dipping your feet in a paraffin wax. The paraffin wax helps to loosen the pores of the skin of your feet. If you want your feet to have a young look, I recommend this treatment for you. The wax has some hydrating properties that will keep your feet looking soft and fresh.

  • French pedicure

This is one of the most popular pedicures in the U.S; it is very similar to the simple classic pedicure. The major difference is in the application of the polish. If you want to get this type of treatment, your nails are first polished with a base coat of a clear polish and then coated the second time with a solid white polish. This pedicure is quite popular because for one, it is gives a classic touch to the nails and it has been around for a while. It is one of those nail treatment that never fades into oblivion, always trendy in fashion.  Do you want to give your feet a classy and sophisticated look, when next you visit your nail salon, go for this treatment.

  • Hot stone pedicure

This is my favorite type of pedicure. It is very relaxing and refreshing. Thus pedicure treatment involves the application of a mask over your legs, leaving it to sit in for about 5 minutes then washing it off with warm water. Your wet feet are then wiped dry with a clean towel. Now to my favorite part, the massage! Moisturizer oil is rubbed on your feet and then allowed to sit in for about 5 minutes. After then, your feet are massaged with the hot stones placed on the pressure point of your feet. The benefits of this type of pedicure cannot be overemphasized. It increases blood flow and helps relax the muscles of your feet.

  • Gel pedicure

If you are the type that has a busy schedule and does not have the luxury of time to get a pedicure often, a gel pedicure is suitable for you. What happens here is; the polish of your choice is applied on your nails and then placed under the UV light. This can be done after each coat or after the application of the coats. The UV light helps cure the polish and dries them with no sticky feeling when you touch your nails. With the gel pedicure, you do not have to bother about smudging your nails or worry about not wearing an open toe sandals to the salon. Your feet are left looking pretty and glossy.

  • Ice cream pedicure

 I’m pretty sure you must be wondering what this pedicure is all about, it does sound interesting. This special treatment starts with a feet soak in warm water. You can then choose your favorite ice-cream flavor which is added to the warm water.  After the feet soak, you can choose another ice-cream flavor for your scrub. After your feet are soaked and scrubbed, it is then filed and then a favored mask is applied on your feet.  The mask is removed and then your feet are washed after which an icing lotion is rubbed on your feet to moisturize it. Your nails are then polished with the color of your choice.

  • Salt pedicure

This pedicure uses salt and rock to replace the exfoliating part of the pedicure process. Salt and rocks are used to scrub the feet to remove the dead cells but first, your feet is soaked in warm water for about 12 minutes.

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