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Zoya Bridal Bliss 2018 - Veteran nail polishes make a comeback this bridal season

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Zoya Bridal Bliss 2018 - Veteran nail polishes make a comeback this bridal season

The Zoya Bridal Bliss 2018 collection is a compilation of various nail polishes that they’ve previously released. Each color that they’ve chosen can be used to complement the outfits of everyone in the bridal party and suits many styles and outfits superbly. There are many neutral colors in this collection, but some nail polishes add a little more color than you’d find in nudes.

Bridal Bliss collection: Snow White

Snow white is a stunning color that goes on well, even on the first coat application. You’re able to use this to completely cover your fingernails or you could use it as a French tip. The brilliant white nail polish dries a bit dull, but if you’re after a shiny look apply a shiny top coat.

Zoya’s 2018 collection: Rue

Rue is a dark Rosy color that is superb for anyone in the bridal party looking to keep the attention to their dress and not attract attention to their fingernails. The formula in this nail polish is ideal and goes on well in just one coat.  We suggest that you use this color if you’re having an evening wedding as it is a dark nude shade.

Avril: 3rd member of the Bridal Bliss collection

Avril however, is lighter Rosy nude shade than Rue and it is ideal for a wedding hosted during the day. Because this nail polish is a soft nude color, it applies sheer on the first coat.

Leia: The top coat of Zoya 2018 Bridal season collection

Leia is a top coat from a past Spring collection of Zoya. This top coat has a shimmery feel to it and it pairs well with nude shades that require a little more character, without a dramatic glittery look. The nail polish provides a goldish pink look on top of your fingernail. You’re not meant to wear it on its own, but if you’re wondering what it would like as a normal nail polish, then it has a natural looking nail effect with some sparkle for added character.

Brighton: The newbie in this collection

Brighton is the only new color in Zoya’s Bridal Bliss 2018 collection. This nail polish is a holographic nude color that leans towards taupe. It has gold shimmer and holographic particles. This nail polish applies well to the second coat. If you’re looking for little sparkles or a look that has the illusion of diamonds on your nails, then this shimmery holographic nude will do just that.

The 6th veteran of Zoya: McKenna

This nude has a hint of the grey present. This color has a little bit of metallic silver shimmer running through the lacquer and this adds just a little bit more character to a plain nude nail polish. The formula of this nail polish builds up well in just the first coat and you probably wouldn’t need a second coat. It’s not quite a pearlescent look and for a better coverage apply two coats.  

Loretta: Nail polish nude of 2018

This sheer shade is a little lighter than Avril, in this collection. The glossy pinkish tone has a delicate look that suits the entire wedding party. The shade provides a natural look on your wedding day that adds a great finishing touch so that your nails do not look dull and drab. The nail polish goes on well in just two coats.

Bela: The sheerest nail polish in this collection

Bela is a little more pigmented which is mostly sheer at application. This color is a warm pink without an overbearing shade. Apply at least three coats to get the best coverage so that you nail line doesn’t show through the polish.


Chantal is another veteran of Zoya. This nude has a warm undertone that’s more neutral than the Rosy undertones of Avril, Rue, and Loretta. This color provides great coverage in just two coats.

Zoya Nail polish 2018 collection: Erika

Erika too, is a sheer nail polish with gold shimmer present. The shimmer builds up on top of each other on your nail but doesn’t dry too thick. Because of the gold shimmer present, this color is perfectly suited for any bridal gown. The gold shimmer reminds you of royalty, and it gives a stunning glow on your finger. This nail polish covers in three coats but can also be used as a top coat on a different color nail polish. We recommend doing this on a nude shade.

Abby: Bridal bliss 2018 collection

This slight purple color is delicate and soft on your nails. The formula goes on well and provides great coverage at the first coat. This color doesn’t need a top coat but if you’re looking for a shiny finish, then apply a superb topper over this color.

Blu: The last nail polish in Bridal Bliss collection

This color (as its name suggests) is a powdery, pastel blue. This is a classic and well-known color by Zoya. Blu is ideal for the bride that’s looking for a little hint of color on their wedding day. It goes on opaque even at the first coat. Once dry, you’ll find a baby powdery blue that doesn’t take attention away from your wedding dress. The outstanding formula provides the best coverage at the second coat application. This color would work well with Leia, the top coat in this collection.

Our favorite list:

The newbie Mckenna is one of our favorites in this collection because of the holographic gold shimmer that is synonymous with weddings.

The second nail polish in the Zoya Bridal bliss Collection 2018 has to be Erika. A color also containing gold shimmer and adding that something extra to your nails. It does so without making your nails an overbearing distraction from your wedding gown.

Check out superb swatches.

We’d love to hear what your thoughts are regarding this collection. Have you used any of the polishes before and what are your thoughts on Zoya relaunching an entire collection where most of the polishes have been made available in previous collections?