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6 Factors that contributes to Gel Nails Cost

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With this, you will be able to check your budget in order to determine how much you should have or expect to be charged at the salon. This could go a long way in ensuring that you don’t get stranded at the salon or get embarrassed when your budget or the amount you have on you is lesser than the charges for the nail gel you want.


The issue of getting to the salon, only to find out you need to go back home to get more money or you need to work for a few more days before raising the required amount to come back for the gel nails to be fixed will also be avoided.

1. Type of Gel Nail

  • The type of gel nail that you want to apply will go a long way in determining how much it will cost you to do your nails.
  • Some example of gel nail types that you can make at some nail salons includes gel polish manicure French, gel polish manicure, gel polish French and gel polish. Each of this type of gel nail has a varying price, with the 4 examples above having their price in descending order.
  • This means that gel polish manicure French will be the most expensive while gel polish will be the cheapest. On the average, you might be charged around $35 for gel polish manicure French, $30 for gel polish manicure, $25 for gel polish French and $20 for gel polish.

Another reason why the cost of your gel nail will be more will depend on the type of design you want on your gel nail polish.

  • For instance, just painting with a plain nail color will be much cheaper than if you want a butterfly to be drawn on each of your nails.
  • In most nail salons, the price for applying gel nails on your toenails will be a bit costlier than fixing the exact same type and design of gel nails on your hand nails.

2. Your Materials or theirs

  • There are some salons that are liberal enough to allow you to bring your own materials when you want to make your nails. For such salons, using your own gel and other tools to do your nail will accrue discount, compared to when they are using their own materials for you.
  • They will deduct a significant percentage of the estimated cost of materials they will have spent on your nails from the total amount you will need to pay at the end of the day.
  • The gel nails cost could be between $5 and $10 lesser for applying gel nails on every hand nails.
  • This might, however, not be more economical for you, since the value of your materials they will be using will most likely be higher than the amount deducted.
  • The option of bringing your own material will thus be best for you, if you have your own taste in materials, such as you are a fan of a particular brand that is not normally used in the salon or you prefer your own equipment to avoid the risk of infection.
  • You will be able to get some consolation in the fact that you had a few dollars removed from the total sum you should pay, even if the amount removed does not justify the amount you bought your materials.

3. Location

Where you live will determine how much you pay for virtually every goods and services, including how much you will pay for fixing gel nails.

  • If you reside in a big city or an area that is reputed to be for the rich people in a state, then chances are that the salons in such areas will charge you higher.
  • This could be as a result of the wealthy reputation of the people leaving in the area as well as the fact that they might have to pay more for shop rent and some other charges that those who own salon in rural or less popular areas will not have to pay.
  • If on the other hand, you live in a rural area or a less popular area, chances are that the amount you will pay for nail gel will be cheaper.


4. Shop

  • The type of shop you decide to apply your gel nails will also determine how much you will be paying for your nails.
  • The look of the shop goes a long way in influencing how much you will be expected to pay. You should expect to pay more in a luxurious looking shop with very comfortable chairs, a big television and a host of other provisions that boost the reputation of the salon, compared to a small stuffy nail salon with wooden chairs and little to no professionalism.
  • If you lodge in a 5-star hotel that offers nail services, you should expect the price of the nail gel to match the status of the hotel.

5. Additional Services

You might want other services apart from the application of the gel nail. This might include the removal of an old nail gel or polish before fixing your nails or you might want cracks in your nails to be repaired before the new nail gel is applied. Additional services will cost extra money, even though some salons could give you some discount on those additional services since you will be fixing your nails as well.

This video puts things into perspective;

6. Home Service

There are salons that offer home service for clients who request for it. Such clients could easily place a call to the salon and a staff will be sent to their homes to fix their nails. Home service will usually mean higher gel nails cost, since the staff will spend some time and money to transport to the house. Home services are thus more expensive than when you visit the salon for your nails to be done.

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While we know that the cost of gel nails could be exorbitant, depending on the circumstances listed above; there is always the need to go for quality rather than using the services of a cheaper nail technician that is inexperienced and causes havoc on your nails.

Let us know in the comments below what other tips you would like to share.