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Gel nail polish - A beauty tip that stands out

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Today, the nail design industry is rapidly developing, new methods are being developed to make nails attractive and last longer. Some of the established types of nail polish are:

  • The base coat
  • The top coat
  • Gel
  • Acrylic
  • Matte
  • Shellac

Shellac nail polish is a new nail product developed by Creative Nail Design (CND). It comprises of nail polish combined with an equal amount of gel. You apply the product just like a regular nail polish on your natural nails without filing or sculpting after which it is cured using UV lighting same way as Gels.


The gel is a material that cures under ultra-violet rays, forming a nail-resistant coating. It is important to note that the gel coating has the same elasticity as the natural nails.

The gel nail polish has grown over the years to become part of most woman’s make up kit. With the gel nail polish, the chances of maintaining glow health nails for a period of up to fourteen days is very high. Elegant nails have a way of boosting the woman’s confidence in allowing her to carry out her duties without fear of embarrassments from unkempt natural nails.      

While normal nail varnishes may seem good after application, they do not last as they often begin to peel off after a short period of about 5 days, this is the more reason women seem to prefer the gel polish over the natural varnishes these days.

Factors responsible for variation in prices for a nail polish change

The price of a nail polish change may vary as a result of factors such as the place you live in, the experience of the person handling the nail polish (professionals are most likely to charge a higher cost for a change, repair or removal) and the design you are opting for. While a simple one color may cost about $35, a more complex design may cost as much as a hundred dollars.

 In considering the cost, it is also of importance to note that the real cost of a nail polish also includes the time playoff as a nail gel polish may last between 40 minutes to over an hour.


In the salons

Most professionals who own a salon may tend to charge the highest for a nail polish owing to the cost of running and maintaining the salon. But, what is most important is the fact that at the salon, you are guaranteed quality work most of the time. The price may range from $35 to $120 dollars depending on whether you’re going for a minimal look or the celebrity shine. 

The impact of nails cannot be overemphasized as they play an important role in the life of the woman and also affects people around her in special ways. In other words, a good nail polish passes a lot of messages.

One of the importance of visiting a salon is that there are many varieties of gel designs to choose from. This option may be limited when a professional is working from home.

Professionals who work from home

If you’re considering cutting down the cost of a nail polish, you should take off your attention from salons and rather seek the services of a professional working from home.

Professionals working from home tend to charge far less than what is attainable in salons even though your choice of design may be limited to what is available at the time of the visit. Professionals working from home may charge between 10 dollars to 15 dollars.

Consider getting the home gel kit

 Those hoping to cut down the price of a nail polish replacement by a great deal should try this. Brands such as shellac, Ciate, Sally Hansen, O.P.I and kiss also manufacture gel home kits that come with LED lights. If you’re good with applying colors and aiming at cutting down the price of nail polish change, it is most economical to go for a home kit. This will save you a lot of time and money.  While a standard set: lamp, base, and top layer, degreasing agent, gel polish solvent, baton and optionally one gel polish costs around $ 80, the cost of one salon visit will cost $20 - $35 for a minimal design an up to a hundred dollar for a more complex design.

O.P.I. has a variety of color range to choose from when selecting colors. You may as well choose to go for the full range of colors which may cost up to a hundred dollars and has a shelf life of up to two years.

  • The process of application involves mainly three layers, the base coat, the color layer and the top coat cured with ultraviolet rays;
  • The last layer of gel needs to be applied very carefully, for a smooth natural look;
  • Gel nails polish can last up to 14 days before the next adjustment or replacement;

Benefits of gel nail polish include:

  • Appears natural and maintains a fresh look for a long period.
  • They cure very fast (takes about 2- 3minutes to cure)
  • Can last for up to 14 days while maintaining the freshly manicured look
  • They have a high flexibility and as such very easy to remove.
  • Free of fumes which may lead to nail damage.

Most importantly, if you have decided to put gel nails or try a manicure with gel for the first time, it is advisable to do it at a salon with a trained professional. Poor quality work may be harmful to the nails. One of the major causes of nail breakage and thinning is as a result of poor quality work from unskilled practitioners.

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