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Use false nails to twinkle your toes: False toe nail price line ideas

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It can, however, be a huge disadvantage, if after you have put in much effort to take care of other parts of your body, you leave your toenails in a bad shape. It could easily discredit all of your other efforts. This is considering you will sometimes have to wear sandals and other shoe types that could leave your toenails exposed. It is thus important to also put in place efforts to put your toenails in good shape. One of such ways is the use of false toenails. Here is how to use this item to twinkle your nails as well as ideas of false toenails price line.


Using false toenails

There are several ways to take care of your toenails. They include pedicure and applying of gel nails among others. However, there are other times when we suddenly come to the realization that our toenails are in very bad shape and in need of fixing. The time to do this might not be available as we might have an appointment to catch. To make matters worse, our footwear for that day could be such that would expose our toenails.

False toenails can easily come to our rescue when we find ourselves in this type of condition.

We will still be able to add some sparkle to our toenails at such short notice and be able to step out confidently. Apart from such emergency usage, you might prefer to use false toenails considering they are easy to apply and easy to remove. You will not need to go to the salon to have them fixed. The ease with which false toenails can be fixed therefore makes it more convenient to use.

Availability of Toe Nails

It is possible to get acrylic false toenails and other types of false nails at salons. Once you decide to purchase them, you can fix them on your own whenever you need them at home. When you have stunning false toenails at home, you can easily add glamor to your nails by slaying them when the need arises.

There are several options of false toenails to choose from, as you just have to go with your preference.

You can get pretty designs, dazzling sparkles, and soft colors. You can stock on different designs, some dazzling sparkles, and soft colors so that you can also decide when you want sparkling nails or when you just want to rock soft color toenails. A false toenail price line is provided below to give an idea of how much you can get them for.


Applying false toenails

  • There is a little different when it comes to applying false nails to your toes compared to when you want to apply them on your fingers. This is considering the fact that the toenails are broader and thicker than your fingernail.
  • Furthermore, you can experience some problems if you do not trim your toenails properly before fixing them.
  • It is often advisable to apply your false toenails immediately after you have had a bath or shower. With this, you will find it easier to shape and file the nails on your toe since they will still be wet. Furthermore, manipulating and pushing back the cuticle.
  • You should apply an olive oil coating so that it can aid the sealing of moisture in your feet. Allow your toenails to absorb the oil for some time so that they get soft and conditioned for the false nails you want to fix.
  • After your nails have softened, you can now wipe off excess oil from the nail on your toes. You should ensure the nail is dry and clean so that the glue of the nail can be adhesive enough. If you leave any form of moisture on your natural nail when applying the false toenails, it could cause your false nails to fall off.
  • Shape and trim your toenails prior to applying the false toenails.
  • Apply some little high-quantity nail glue in a thin line across the nail. Avoid going to the nail’s edges as the glue is expected to spread some more after the false nail is pressed on the natural nail.
  • Begin with your first toenail, apply the false nail and make sure you press it down slightly for some 15 seconds so that it is set before you proceed to the next nail. Repeat the process until all the false nails have been fixed.

It requires some time for your nails to dry completely. Look out for the instructions on the expected time the nail should use to dry. It should mostly not be more than an hour.

The best time is to apply your fake toenails just after your shower.

You can check out this video here.

 False toenail price line

  • Buying false nails are very affordable. False toenails sometimes cost more than false fingernails. However, the general price for false nails often ranges from $6 to $17.
  • This usually depends on your budget and preference, you should be able to get a very nice toenail within this range. Most of the toenails often come with accompanying the glue for applying them.
  • There are some costly false nails that might exceed this range if you love to buy expensive false toenails.

With that being said, applying false toenails are ideal for when you need to spruce up your toenails on a budget and super-fast. Fales toenail price line begins at approximately $6. False toenails price line falls within most budgets.

Show us your favorite pics of your fake toenails. Let us know what your price line was for those, in the comments below.