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CND Shellac application and removal - step by step procedure

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Vy Nhu / 14 Aug, 2017

CND Shellac application and removal - step by step procedure

Perhaps this is your first time hearing about CND Shellac; it is not just an original but wonderful polish service with the capability of over fourteen days color superiority. It is used for the ease of your nail polish in addition to the performance of gels. It is a true innovation for your manicure with extended wear nail color.


STEP 1: Prepping the natural nail

  • Using a nail file, shape your nails
  • The cuticles should be pushed back
  • Wash your hand properly and sanitize it
  • Finally, use a clean nail plate and eradicate any excessive oil.

Professional Tip to adhere: beginning with a clean surface is vital because it will ensure that the cnd shellac polish stays for the maximum 14 days. Following this step is vital in making the manicure to last long and look flawless. Ensure you use a lint free wipe in cleaning the plate of your nail with the cuticles handled with care.

STEP 2: Application of the CND Shellac UV base coat: If you want a good result, you must follow this CND Shellac application and removal guide. During the base coat application, ensure you apply a thin layer of the cnd shellac base coat and use a UV lamp to cure for ten seconds.

Professional Tip to adhere: The thinner it is the better it will be. This is the secret with gels. In comparison with nail polish where more generous layer can be added, with the CND Shellac, your application is in the thin layers. With this procedure, you can be assured of the right application. When using the CND Shellac base coat within 10 seconds, it is cured, don’t forget this. Though there is no harmful effect to the skin when using UV lamps, however, you don’t have to expose yourself for a longer time.

 STEP 3: Application of the CND Shellac UV Color coat application: First, you make a single thin coat using the CND shellac color and cure under the UV lamp for a maximum of 2 minutes. After this, a second coating can be applied using the CND Shellac Color with the same time for the previous UV lamp.

Professional Tip to adhere: There is need to apply the color in the thin layers. The appearance will be like a semi-sheer if you follow this CND Shellac application and removal guide properly. However, if it doesn’t appear so, relax because a second coating can level it. For those doing this on someone else, you can be painting one hand while the other is under the UV lamp.

STEP 4: Doing the CND Shellac UV Top Coat Application: In this stage, you apply just a single thin layer of the CND shellac UV top coat. You should then cure it for 2 minutes under a UV lamp. After this, you can take off the top film using Isopropyl Alcohol of 99%. Finally, you can apply cuticle oil to each finger.

Professional tip to adhere: If you want a maximum wear then you need to apply the UV gel to coat because this will make the nails look shining. The free edge of the nails must be capped if you want them to last long. The moment you are through, cnd shellac will not be easily removable as it will be hard and strong from curing. You won’t need to be anxious about denting your newly made manicure. Take off the sticky inhibition layer using 99% Isopropyl Alcohol with a lint free wipe. To make your nails look stunning add nourishing cuticles oil on it.

The application of cnd shellac is a perfect option if your desire is a flawless nail that will last for two weeks without chipping. It is a product with high quality and doesn’t disappoint.

Preparation: The preparation of the CND Shellac application and removal is very vital. In taking off the previous polish, ensure they are removed properly. If the nails are bare, there is a need for filing in order to eradicate any form of oil on the surface. This process also helps in removing the top layer and ensuring that the base coat used sticks adequately. After this, push your cuticles backward in a gentle manner. The longevity of the shellac nail polish may be improved by wiping the nail plate off using cotton and some alcohol. This process will help in dehydrating and cleaning the nails.


Base Coat:

  • After the preparation is the base coating. When applying the base coat, without touching the cuticle, you should get close to it.
  • Remember if the gel gain access to the skin, it will peel off. Perhaps in the eventually where it touches the cuticle, ensure you use an orange stick to clean it off.
  • Repeat the curing process. If you don’t have UV lamp, you can use a LED Nail Lamp.
  • Remember to put the color beside the free edge of the nail.
  • For easy access, use your thumb.
  • Once you have properly cured your shellac nails for those doing it at home, you can apply another set of thin coat and cure.
  • The process can be repeated until the desired color shade is gotten.
  • Remember that it will take a longer time to cure if the color is darker.
  • Finally is the top coat.
  • This should be applied to the same thin even layer. Ensure part is covered when using the top coat and it is sealed correctly.
  • You can also remove the tacky layer once the top coat is cured.
  • This is very easy, as you will rub it with a cotton swab containing alcohol. After this, the end result will be shiny nails.

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