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How To Apply CND Scrub Fresh - Get Your Nails Prep Right!

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Vy Nhu / 14 Aug, 2017

How To Apply CND Scrub Fresh – Get Your Nails Prep Right!


Most women across the world love to dazzle their nail with style and always want them to look prim and proper. However, many of us forget the fact that not only making your nails shine and look great from the outside should be a priority, making sure that they are healthy from inside should be of utmost priority for each and every one of us. Moreover, using proper technique and nail prep is highly important to know before you style your nails or even if you just keep them plain and want them to look healthy and attractive.

As a matter of fact, many women globally have faced issues like lifting of nails, decolored nails, fungi in nails etc. because of not using the right technique of nail preparation your nails require while going for nail art or even just a simple nail manicure. Therefore, let us shed some light on how to properly prep your nails with the right technique.


Right technique for prep of nails

Start with a good hand cleansing – The first thing top on your list must be to wash the hands clean by using a hand wash. Make sure you wash properly leaving no sign of dirt on your hands and nails. Now, you are ready for the next step!

Filing the edge of the nails – Filing of the nails properly is again important as how you file ensures prevention of peeling and splitting of the nails. So, instead of using a sideways to center motion use gentle abrasive motion in both back as well as forth direction. Dermatologists have suggested this technique of filing the nails and they say it does help in preventing nail breakage, splitting and peeling.

Skip cutting of cuticles – If you don’t happen to know, cuticle is an invisible layer of skin also known as eponychium. Pricking, cutting or removing of eponychium must be avoided at any cost. As, doing any of the above puts your nails in high risk of developing paronychia which is an extremely painful and nasty bacterial infection found in nail folds and is triggered by removing, cutting and pricking the eponychium. As a matter of fact, people who remove their cuticles are not only on high risk of bacterial infections, their cuticles tend to grow calloused and hard. Instead, you could opt for exfoliation and softening products available like Solar Oil or AHA Cuticle Eraser to get the job done.

Buffer your nails smooth – Next, you need to buffer the nails making them smooth as ever. It helps in removing of excess oil as well as making your nail plate even and smooth. Now, what you need to keep in mind is to ensure you do not overdo it; many make the mistake of buffering their nails almost more than 50% at times, which eventually makes your nails soft and prone to breakage. You need to love your nails and not kill them, hence ensure you apply gentle and slow strokes to buffer your nails, instead of being harsh on them.

Use Scrub Fresh – You might be knowing that you can use Scrub Fresh by CND or any other brand that offer the same product for both cleaning and removing access oil from the nails making them ready to begin a manicure as well as you can even use it to remove your nail art or polish like any other acetone. Scrub Fresh helps you clean your nails to perfection leaving behind oil-free deeply clean nails. It not only cleanses it sanitizes, temporarily dehydrates nail plate and leaves little pathogen combat agent over your nails to kick the butt of bacteria causing infection.

So, this was all the steps you need to keep in mind and apply for proper prep of nails. Now, let’s get some details on how important it is for using Scrub Fresh, why use it and how to use it in a step by step manner.

Importance of Scrub Fresh

Like we already have some idea of the importance of using a Scrub Fresh, it helps to clean, sanitize as well as temporarily dehydrates nail plate. All, this is important not only to keep your nails safe from bacterial infections, but also from lifting of the nails, nail decoloring and to get better results of nail art that you are getting done. So, make sure you do not skip this step of prep while getting your nails done!


Why use Scrub Fresh?

Well, some feel there is no reason for women to use it, as it really does not make any difference in the entire nails look. But, you must not forget the fact that if you apply polish over your natural nail plate without the use of Scrub Fresh, your nails are not oil-free or dehydrated. This means, your nail polish mostly won’t last as long as it would have if you used Scrub Fresh. Moreover, you cannot take chances of your nails lifting, which again is protected well if you use Scrub Fresh.

However, you should know exactly how to use this product to avail all its benefits. So, let us learn how to use it to perfection!

How to apply CND Scrub Fresh

Many wonder how much Scrub Fresh should be taken for application. Well, the important thing is how to use it than how much to use. Personally, I take not much of Scrub Fresh over a fiber-free and lint-free pad and I scrub for around 5-8 second straight on each nail. It does take up time, but then it is all worth the time spent! Moreover, make sure you cover the entire nail while scrubbing, not leaving any end and that’s about it.

With these simple but effective tips you will be able to keep your nails in check. So, now you’re ready to “Rock Your Nails” healthy and beautiful!

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