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Red Carpet Manicure Structure Base Coat Gel 9ml – Gel Manicure VS Traditional Manicure

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Vy Nhu / 15 Aug, 2017

Wondering if you should try out the latest gel manicure? Well, gel manicure not only looks stunning, they last for a longer time without chipping or cracking. However, the cost of getting it done at the salon might pinch some a bit, but it surely is worth every penny spent. You could opt for buying a gel manicure kit to save time and money, as it includes everything you need for professional looking manicure. Red carpet manicure is a well-known brand that caters manicure kits and their Red Carpet Manicure Structure Base Coat Gel 9ml bottle as well as other products lasts you long and has proven to give outstanding results.


The advantages to choose gel manicure are many when compared to using the old traditional manicures. Gel manicure surely does give outstanding look to your nails and tends to last longer than the traditional manicures. Now, if you consider the time it takes to get a traditional manicure done and the lasting period of it you will never want to switch from gel manicure to a traditional one. Moreover, even if you’re considering the high cost of a gel manicure, since they lasts much longer without looking worn-out for weeks makes it cost efficient as well as saves a lot of your time. So, let’s compare some advantages gel manicure has over the traditional one!

Drying process for traditional manicure

  • So, as we know that a traditional manicure process includes 4 or more layers of polish over the nails.
  • First comes the base coat, then you apply 2 or more layers of color depending if you’re getting nail art done and then another later of top coat.
  • Now, the top coat is used for protection of color and to add some gloss to the nails as well as to protect the nails from chipping.
  • Although, there are many brands that offer you quick drying top coat, but the fact remains that the top layer might dry quickly but it actually takes at least 3-4 hours to dry completely.
  • That is, ready to use your hands in your pockets or purse or for any other purpose without having to worry about denting or smearing your manicure.


Drying process for gel manicure

The gel manicure process is a lot faster and way different than the traditional process. However, it also depends on which gel manicure types are you going for.

  • Straight up gel manicure nail polish which is cured by using a lamp
  • Gel-like manicure nail polish that has log-wear enamel and air-dries

Usually gel based manicure nail polishes are applied using 3 steps first comes the base coat, then you apply nail color over it and lastly you apply a gel base top coat. The process gets faster since you dry your gel manicured nails by using nail UV lamp known as (ultraviolet) or even by using LED lamp known as (light-emitting diode). Some gel polishes depending on the brand you use, require just 30 seconds on each layer of polish to dry and some 1-2 min per layer. The finish result of using a gel manicure will amaze you as it enhances the beauty of the nails a lot more than you expect.

Now, wouldn’t you spend your time shopping or doing things you long for instead of wasting it in a salon waiting for your nails to dry!

Lasting time for a traditional manicure

Well, the lasting time completely depends on how careful you are while using your hands for your daily chores. A huge disadvantage of traditional manicure is they get ruined very soon. Say they will last you for a week at most, that is if you take good care of your nails. Many women will agree “that they have ruined them even before the manicure has dried completely”.

Lasting time for a gel manicure

Gel manicure can last up to 2 weeks or more if you are careful, so if you are thinking of travelling for a vacation, you got to get your nails done by trying out gel manicure. You will notice not much change in your manicure even when touching the 2 week mark. Since, the gel nail polish are made out of photo-reactive ingredients and using the artificial light for drying the nails helps in creating a bond which is a lot more powerful when compared to other nail polishes. Henceforth, even after a week your nails tend to look picture perfect every time you step out. Sounds fab right!

End results of traditional manicure

They do look stunning for a few days, but most women will agree that after the 4 day onwards you want to redo your nails or remove the polish due to its worn-out appearance.

End result of gel manicure

They shine like you have added jewel to your nails for a very, very long time. It’s extremely glossy top coat makes your nails shine, dazzle and gives them a beautiful glassy look. Like mentioned before, you can expect it to last for 2 long weeks.

These were a few advantages of getting gel manicure done and gel manicure does win hands down to a traditional one.

Gel manicure is excellent for women who tend to travel a lot, for working women, for women who don’t have time for regular manicures and most of all women who just adore pampering their nails. Furthermore, do try the Red Carpet Manicure kit as it comes along with Red Carpet Manicure Structure Base Coat Gel 9ml and many other such exciting and quality products that you require to get a gel manicure done at home. It is quite easy to get a gel manicure done at home with the help of these kits and you even save a lot of time and money while doing it at home. However, if you’re worrying about the results don’t be, since the results have proven to be just as good as a salon.

Don’t wait anymore and do try out the stunning, amazing, attractive designs you can add to your nail beauty with a gel manicure!

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