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Get a complete solution for your nail treatment with the Nail Tek Xtra

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Vy Nhu / 21 Aug, 2017

Classification of nails

There are different classifications of nails. It varies from person to person. They are listed below:

  1. The normal ones: they are considered as the healthy ones. It is smooth and the colour of the nail is also consistent. Grows easily as well as it can bend when whenever pressed. There are different signs which can indicate that your nails are unhealthy. Such as if discoloration of your nails occurs or may be sometimes change in shape that is, become thicker or thinner. In that case, you need to consult your medical doctor to keep them healthy or simply use the Nail Tek Xtra how to use kit.
  2. The soft ones: they tend to peel away easily. Considered as weak, these nails bend with the slightest touch. They are thin and grow very slowly. The nails split generally from the free edge of the nail. These nails require the formulation therapy of the Nail Tek Xtra how to use kit in order to ensure that the nail stays healthy as well as regain back its original strength. Proper home care would extend the life of soft nails and reduce the peeling and splitting of nails.
  3. The hard ones: often termed as brittle nails. They are dry which indicates a lack of moisture. They rarely bend but can break easily and the breaks seem to be very painful. This type of nails shows ridging along the vertical section of the nail. White spots similar to dandruff tend to appear on the surface of the dry and brittle nails. They also have to flake at the free edges of the nail. Proper nail strengtheners can be used which includes Nail Tek Xtra How to Use Kit therapies which would add conditioner to the nails. This ensures that the moisture content of the nail is regained and the nail returns to its healthy state.
  4. The weak ones: damaged nails or extremely thin nails are often considered as the weak ones. The growth of the nail is very slow or the nail rarely grows. There occurs excessive splitting and flaking at the free edges. Different formulas can be used to add strength to these weak nails and ensure their rapid growth.

The basic guidelines to use the Nail Tek Xtra how to use kit

Nail Tek Xtra how to use kit brings to the easiest steps to get strong and beautiful nails.

  • The first step includes the shaping of your nails. It is recommended to use the nail tek crystal file for the shaping purpose. The file has an abrasive surface and is used to seal the free edges of your nail.
  • For the manicure purpose, use the Nail Tek step one therapy. This prevents the nail from getting extra polish adherence as well as from getting damaged. Clean the surface and apply the primer. Use one coat of the nail strengtheners from the Nail Tek Xtra how to use kit.
  • For natural nails, the top coat applied prevents the nail from chipping and peeling. You can apply two coats of your favourite colour.
  • The drying drops are applied in order to ensure that the drying time of painted nails is accelerated. The dry time speeds up and at the same time aims at conditioning the cuticles.
  • The cuticle oil is made from vitamin e and tea tree. This cuticle oil is applied in order to enhance the moisture content in the cuticles. Nail Tek Xtra how to use kit offers this cuticle oil which must be applied on a daily basis. It also helps the nails to grow faster.
  • The Nail Tek Xtra how to use kit also provides an antifungal treatment which gives maximum strength to the nails by treating the fungus and relieving the irritation. Redness is also reduced.
  • The last step includes applying the polish thinner. Nobody wants to waste their favourite nail polish. The Nail Tek Xtra how to use kit provides the polish thinner which saves the thick polish and extends the life of the applied nail polish. It replaces all other evaporated solvents and restores the viscosity of the nail polish.

Ingredients available

The Nail Tek Xtra contains several ingredients and some of their benefits are listed below:

  • Acrylates copolymer: This ingredient acts as a stabilizer which protects the nail from humidity. They are waterproof and are used as nail adhesive in nail care products.
  • Nitrocellulose: They are lanolin free as well as nickel and gluten free. They have the characteristics of tropical antibiotics which reduce the chances of fungal and bacterial infections. They are used to hold other ingredients in a Nail Tek Xtra how to use the product.
  • N-butyl alcohol: this ingredient is nothing but a solvent. Often used in various nail care products. The odour of n-butyl resembles wine and it is a colourless liquid. Being a solvent, it dissolves other substances at low concentrations.
  • Formaldehyde: in today’s date, this ingredient is avoided but when used in small amounts can act as preservatives in order to prevent your product from fungi and bacteria. They are used as formalin by dissolving formaldehyde in water.
  • Ethyl acetate: they tend to add the fruity odour in your Nail Tek Xtra product. They are also used as solvents and dissolves nitrocellulose in order to form the basic film material in the product.

Other ingredients include benzophenone-1, calcium pantothenate, dimethicone, isopropyl alcohol, triphenyl phosphate, etc.

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The Nail Tek Xtra how to use kit is designed in such a way that they provide conventional therapies to maintain the health of your nails. It treats the weak nails by providing extra strength to the nails.

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