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Poshe Nail Strengthening Treatment Base Coat Reviews

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Vy Nhu / 21 Aug, 2017

Poshe Nail Strengthening Treatment Base Coat Reviews – Choose From A Wide Range Base Coats!

All women love decorating, pampering and caring for their nails with the different Nail Art designs, polishes and manicures that are available in a wide range of styles nowadays. However, styling does not come easily as your nails health does pay a price to look beautiful from the outside. Hence, you must use a proper technique and a good base coat to protect your nails from damage. This is why we thought of reviewing some of the best base coat brands which includes Poshe Nail Strengthening Treatment Base Coat and the Reviews as well.

There are many women that have weak and unhealthy nails and mostly the reason behind it is carelessness of taking proper care of them. It is absolutely fine to love painting and getting Nail Art done as long as you take good care of your natural nails. Using a good base coat is compulsory for ladies who love sprucing up their nails. However, with the many options of base coat to choose from, it does get a bit tough to choose the one that suits to you nails needs. So, let’s take a sneak-peek on a list of base coats that you can choose from.

Our list of the base coats that you should try:

Nail Strengthening Treatment by Poshe – We kept the best for the last; Poshe Nail Strengthening Treatment Base Coat Reviews have been gaining a lot of popularity amongst nail art lovers worldwide. Women vouch it to be one of the best products available for making your nails stronger, sexier, healthier, attractive, and gorgeous and the list is endless. This product is:

  • Calcium fortified (for hardening the nails)
  • Protein enriched (for making your nails super strong)
  • Ridge-Filler (for smoothening imperfect nails)
  • Excellent treatment (for all nails issues)

Poshe Nail Strengthening Treatment Base Coat Reviews can be checked out here.

Made out of superfoods that promotes strengthening in nails

Nailkale Superfood by Nails Inc – If you can’t eat superfood items, try applying this base coat that is made out of some important superfood that help in promoting nail health. Food items like aloe vera, pomegranate, ginseng, lemon are found in the ingredients used to make this base coat. Also, you get a boost of different vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin, E, vitamin F and vitamin H. This amazing combination of vitamins and superfood has shown quite amazing results in strengthening weak nails. You can easily purchase this in regular stores or opt to buy from online stores at a price of around $35.

7-Free formula made without the use of 7 harmful ingredients best for ridge nails

Ridge-Filler by ella + mila – Looking to fill the ridges on your nails? Then you need to keep this base coat in mind while selecting one for yourself. Made without 7 harmful ingredients to protect your nails, this base coat is free of DBP, camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin etc. It is not too thin or thick and perfectly fills all the ridges making your nails look sexy and very appealing. The design of cute elephants over the bottle indicates that the product is Vegan and is even PETA certified. You can expect to pay around $11 for this base coat bottle.

This strengthener is so intense that it actually comes with “Warning”

Quimica Alemana – A Colombia based product known to give super results and it includes instruction of caution to apply a cuticle cream over the fingers before applying this base coat. It says that the skin around the nails might get burning sensation and hence, they even say to use this base coat only once a week in the beginning till you get use to applying it.

However, the base coat has shown excellent results in making weak nails stronger by each application. As a matter of fact, you feel the difference within the first 2 weeks itself. At just $9 price this has proven to be one of the best buys for women longing for stronger and healthier nails.

Made with calcium and wheat protein

Nail Envy by OPI – Women vouch on this product results. Women with thin and soft nails which always chipped before they got to style them, say that this product does give amazing results. You need to apply two coats of this over the nails and after a week you can reapply it. The amazing thing about this base coat is that it comes in other shades like “Bubble Bath, Samoan Sand, Hawaiian Orchid as well as the clear Dry&Brittle formula. So, you can step out without the worry of polishing your nails and this base coat gives you style as well as treatment at the same time. Try incorporating this base coat in your daily regime and you will see the results within a few weeks of application itself. Easily available on stores and is at a price range of $18.

Treatment for transforming bitten, weak, peeling and brittle nails into strong and gorgeous looking nails

Nail Protein Formula by Nailtiques – Made out of keratin and wheat amino acids this product has proven to give great results for weak, soft, bitten, thin or peeling nails. It makes your nails look amazingly attractive and strong within no time. Women who have used this product claim that this base coat not only makes your nails strong it also helps in promoting nail growth. What more could one have asked for? At just $7 this one tops the list of many nail health freaks. However, you need to apply this base coat on a daily basis to get best results.

 A 3-free base coat with soft sexy shades

Treat Love And Color by Essie – Not only does this base coat give you all the nourishments required, it also comes in sheer shades such as Sheers to You, Treat Me Bright and Laven-Dearly making your nails look super attractive. Now, you don’t have to color your nails and worry about its health care, just apply any of the colors Essie offers and you get both good looking nails inside out. Women say applying 2-3 coats of this base coat gives excellent glossy finish to the nails and surely does make them stronger than ever!

Women worldwide have been raving about this base coat as it solves one and all nail problems. It’s a steal for just $10 and can be easily bought at your nearest stores or on many online sites.

Our favorite on this list is the Poshe Nail Strengthening Treatment base Coat. Let us know in the comments below, which is your favorite.