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OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose - A sign of Wealth, Ambition, and Wisdom

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Vy Nhu / 18 Aug, 2017

At present, the nail industry is booming all over the world with the largest segment being nail extensions and nail enhancements. It was earlier noticed that the beauty and nail industry catered only to the glamorous world or to those who all the time loved to be in the spotlight. But this theory has been proved incorrect as women in all circles spend time and money on beautifying themselves as far as nail accessories are concerned.

The definition of beauty has a deeper meaning and significance than ever before. To move ahead in life, you have to carry a smart and attractive appearance not only in terms of make-up and attire but also down to your nails. OPI Nail, being a leading brand specializing in nail lacquer polish, is moving in the right direction. Besides many other colors, their famous brand OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose is very popular as the color purple is associated with royalty, luxury, and ambition. Spiritually, the purple color denotes the future, your dreams, and ambitions while at the same time having the ability to keep you calm and well grounded. OPI Nails believe in constantly updating their products and coming up with a range of colors to keep up with the latest trends and of course, the rising demand too. Trying out this new product OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose will definitely enhance your nails and hands.

Meaning of Nail Enhancement

Nail Enhancement is nothing but fake or false coverings fitted over your very own fingernails like an accessory. It is interesting to note that some artificial nails look very close to natural nails while there are other products that impart an artificial look. Such nails are made from different materials like acrylic, gel, and fiberglass.

Nail enhancements or nail extensions become necessary for those who have weak or brittle nails or those who are generally very unhappy with their nails. Nail enhancement is a technique that can transform your nails overnight to beautiful natural looking nails that can conveniently be worn for nearly three to four weeks with a little touching up when required. Moreover, applying a coat of OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose will do wonders.

There are other enhancement techniques like Natural, French or Glitter that can be overlaid on your natural nails without extensions. Even these give your nails a classy and sophisticated look.

Do Nail Enhancements Damage Natural Nails?

Make sure that the procedure of nail enhancement or nail extension is always done by a professional nail artist or nail technician in a hygienic way. Incorrectly applied acrylic or gel nails will result in the nail lift-up, which will result in water being trapped between your natural nail and the enhancement. This leads to the formation of fungus and mold on your nails, eventually damaging them. Here, you have to be careful about a few things. When your nails are being cured under a UV lamp, ensure that the temperature is just right which is neither too hot nor too cold. Never try to rip off your enhancement on your own. Either do the whole process at home in the correct way or get it done in a good salon, ensuring that your nail artist is following all norms of hygiene and safety while removing the enhancements.

Tips for Sculpt Enhancements

Whether you are going for gel or acrylic nail sculpt enhancement, it is advisable to use a brush for saving time during the end filing procedure, and then apply the OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose. The following tips will certainly help save time while using a brush:

  • While applying the product, you have to hold the brush at such an angle which you want the finished product to look
  • Pay attention to tapering the nail to the edge of the extension. The brush should be held in a laid-back way, conically placing the product and building an arch.
  • The angle at which the brush is placed has to keep changing as the arch is the main strengthening point of an enhancement. Ensure that the product is not flattened at either of the ends.
  • Make sure to hold the brush in such a way that the product is kept away from the skin as additional time will be used for cleaning up or repairs.
  • Ensure that you seal the sides of the nails, tapering the product towards the sidewall.
  • Last but not least, apply a layer of OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose.

Tips for a Smoother Application of OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose

The following tips will come in handy when you apply OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose, complementing your nails and while making a style statement.

  • Apply the base coat carefully and smoothly otherwise you will be wasting time, cleaning up the color.
  • Make sure to apply thin layers of polish as thick layers will take a long time to dry up or may get wrinkled too. Two even layers of thin color will give your nails uniform color coverage.
  • Shake or roll the OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose before applying it. If two thin layers are not enough to fully cover your nails, you might require a third layer.
  • The best way to apply OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose is to first seal the edges and then pull back on the surface of the nail to save additional time to clean the edges.
  • Another way to apply OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose is to leave a margin of a fraction of an inch all around the color, so it can be sealed with a top coat that will eliminate any cleaning up later.

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Nail Enhancement coatings like OPI Nail Lacquer Purple with a Purpose has the ability to enhance your nails, giving them a gorgeous and long-lasting look that you are sure to love. What are you waiting for?

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