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How to use OPI Expert Touch lacquer remover

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Vy Nhu / 17 Aug, 2017

What is OPI Nail Lacquer?

OPI nail polish Lacquer is made and sold by the OPI beauty brand. With their expressive colors and shades, you cannot run out of options to choose from as regarding your nail designs. They have a beautiful collection that will dazzle your polish pattern these colors add an extra sparkle to you and glitter to your day, so to speak. With the variety of colors and shades of lacquer that the OPI collections has to offer, a lacquer remover is not a farfetched idea. It is known knowledge that OPI has several products that cut across the several needs you will encounter when to comes to keeping your gorgeous hands and feet in the best way possible. The OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover is one of such products. In this post, I will be exploring this product, how it benefits you and how to use OPI’s Expert Touch Lacquer Remover.


OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover

This Expert Touch Lacquer Remover by OPI was made to remove lacquers from nails. Coming in a lilac container, the expert touch removes all traces of the darkest lacquer shades and it does this without a harsh drying effect as you would normally experience with your acetone removers. The Expert Touch is designed to help protect the after-effect to the lacquer applied to your nails. It does this by cleansing your nails from lacquers, even from the darkest shades without a trace of staining. Whilst it performs tis function, the Expert Touch Lacquer Remover leaves your cuticles smooth and soft. Normally, more acetone used for removing lacquer have a way of providing a dryness but OPI ensures that this product does the opposite while achieving the same effect.

Pros of the OPI Nail Lacquer

  • Known for removing even the toughest of stains, the OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover was made to provide you with the best option for cleaning that week-old nail polish and giving yourself the best look possible.
  • The nail polish remover does not have a strong scent. Instead, it’s scent is faint and hard to detect making it a wonderful nail polish remover. As opposed to your previous acetone removers, you don’t have to worry about burning eyes or stinging noses.
  • The nail polish remover spread quickly across the surface on which is applied making for even distribution. For this reason, you will not have to use a whole lot cleaning making the lacquer remover last longer. With just a small and sizable amount, you can get your nails to look as good as new.
  • The OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover is fact acting and gets rids of the lacquer and stains quickly without much stress or force of application.
  • It does not consume time and leaves you will the best results you can get.
  • A major benefit of the OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover is the effect it has on your nails. Not only does it get rid of the lacquer and resultant stains efficiently, it keeps your nails healthy and cuticles soft. The harsh feel of an acetone remover is not present with this product. That makes it easy to use and worth every penny invested into
  • The polish remover also does a fantastic job with removing gel polish. This proves exactly how effective the polish remover has proven to be. Your gel polish will come right off without a need for excessive rubbing or too much cleaning. It will also make certain that the stains that could be gotten from gel nail polish are absent.
  • Because of the quantity you have to use, the OPI lacquer remover lasts longer than moat acetone removers.
  • Its effect is gentle, yet effective.


How to Use OPI’s Lacquer Remover

To have this product more effective than your traditional nail polish remover, you will have to follow a certain step by step application system that has been proven to work consistently. After purchasing your OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover, pour out a small amount on your wipes, preferably your lint free Expert Touch Wipes. These wipes are developed specially to work with the lacquer remover to give the best effect and cleaned nails. The nail polish will be wiped off effectively. If you cannot get a hold of your Expert Touch Wipes, use any other wipes that are soft and lint free. Rub the wipes on your nails for about 3o seconds using circular motions. The lacquer should come right off your nails.

The process proves to be a bit more complicate for advanced enhancements, as can be predicted. If you are looking to remove enhancements such as Axxium or Gel color, you will need to apply a little bit more than you have applied and in a different way to achieve the required ad desired effect. The best method will be to lay hold of some Expert Touch Removal Wraps. These wraps are sold in any store that promotes OPI products. The wraps have a more defined effect that your wipes. When you have the wraps, completely saturate them with your Expert Touch Lacquer Remover for and then leave the wraps on the nails for about fifteen or some minutes. The complete saturation and prolonged period of application will soften then advanced enhancements without risking the health of your nails or making the removal process harsh and unfriendly.

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If you do not have the wipes or wraps, simply use your regular wipes to remove lacquer. Embark on this procedure gently so you will not affect the state of your nails especially if you are removing advanced enhancements. If you need help, seek that of a professional to help you out.

Now, you have learned how to use the OP Expert Touch Lacquer Remover for your polishes. If you have used tis before let us hear what your experience was with the product. Also, if you think the product is effective or if you have other additions on how to use the expert touch remover better, I would love to hear it. Please leave a comment in the comment section to share details.