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Let’s help you figure the answer to; how long does Vinylux take to dry?

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Vy Nhu / 06 Sep, 2017

Now, we understand that making the decision to change the brand of your nail polish is tough; more especially if the current brand is offering you a longer lasting option. If you are ready to make that big move from Shellac to Vinylux, then we’ve got it covered.

The most crucial questions you probably have at the moment are: How then do I finally embrace the Vinylux? How long does Vinylux take to dry? One undisputable fact is that Vinylux promises a wide range of colors just like any other brand and the best news is that you can experiment with each color weekly! Sounds like a daunting yet interesting task but who wouldn’t to have a different shade of nail polish weekly. You will actually identify the colors that best suits you in a few weeks.


Now, apart from making the tough decision, you must have heard that Vinylux chips off pretty fast, but that shouldn’t worry you because that is the essence of creating the brand, it is a weekly application! It is time to change your mindset from the polish that lasts a month to one that offers more freedom to experiment with the array of over 100 colors. Moreover, the fact that your friend complained of fast chip off doesn’t mean that you will also experience the same predicament; the secret is in the nail care and preparation before applying Vinylux and the after care at home.

Since Vinylux is a week-long application, you shouldn’t expect to spend so much time in the beauty parlor having it done. Moreover, there is no need for a base coat, interesting, right? This is simply because the Vinylux comes with a two-step formula which allows you to apply a Vinylux top coat that is able to withstand wear and tear. We know it sounds incredible but the top coat does not need a UV light to dry out because it already has an inbuilt UV light developed during the manufacturing process. The weekly polish system on the other hand is simply to make sure that your nails last longer with the polish.

Just like any other nail polish, adequate nail preparation is essential for excellent results. As such make sure that your fingernails are healthy; having damaged or splitting cuticles only serves to reduce the efficiency of Vinylux. For more outstanding results, why not go for scrub fresh? This beauty product was designed to specifically clean and prepare your nails for the best outcome; the best part of it all is that comes at an affordable price while promising to strengthen your nails with consistent use.


As mentioned earlier, Vinylux is only applied in two coats and that greatly reduces the wait time for it to dry up. If you are getting your nails done by a specialist, you will be sure to notice these two things:

  • The Vinylux coats applied are thin: If you ever decide to do the manicure yourself at home, please do not feel compelled to make the coat any thicker just to hide the streaking. In any case the streaking will be addressed once you apply the second coat.
  • The Vinylux top coat is a necessity: After the application of the third coat, then it’s time to have the top coat which is actually pro light! The power of the top coat should never be under estimated because it’s the only way which guarantees a high gloss look and more visible nail art. A good top coat will hide any imperfections with the under coats. The top coat will also leave your nails healthier and stronger.
  • Extra care when applying the top coat: To attain that shiny look, you will notice that your attendant will take extra care when applying it because if it’s done roughly or hastily, it may pull the previous color layers. At times, they may take a few minutes before applying this coat to avoid such damages.

Looks like your nails are all set to dry up now and like earlier indicated, the wait time is interestingly shorter compared to that of regular nail polish. Give yourself around eight minutes and a half to have it all dried up and the moment you expose the polish to UV light, it hardens. The short dry time is majorly because, similar to traditional polish, Vinylux dries up trough evaporation but with a little exposure to sunlight, it polymerizes thus hardening it further. This polish doesn’t require LED light to dry up either.

However that doesn’t mean that you are ready to get back to your normal life’s activities such as washing dishes or swimming. No matter how dry your nails feel at the moment, it’s a great idea to avoid hot and humid environments for about six to seven hours because the nail polish requires at least 24 hours for proper sticking.

If you still think that the time to dry up is still longer, why not use the following simple tricks:

  • Allow each layer to dry up separately: The fact that the coats of Vinylux are really thin makes it easier; just let each dry for a few minutes before proceeding to the next coat. This will definitely shorten the overall drying time.
  • Wipe your nails with alcohol before applying the polish: This eliminates all oils that can prevent the polish from proper sticking

The question on how long does Vinylux take to dry should not be a hindrance towards getting a week-long nails treatment. If your nails are prone to breakage, then this is your perfect solution; you will spend lesser time getting the manicure and a guarantee of 7 days or more with proper care.

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