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How do you use OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat - Important reasons why you need a top coat for your nails

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Vy Nhu / 06 Sep, 2017

One of the vital ingredients found in the most top coat is Nitrocellulose, which is used in creating a glossy and high shine appearance. In this article, it will not be enough to answer the question, how do you use opi rapidly top coat but the major reasons why a top coat is needed when next you go for your manicure.


  • You get a smoother manicure when you use top coat: Using a top coat enables you to have a level out brush strokes. Most of the top coats are excellent for smoothing any uneven application. Nevertheless, a top can have the capacity of ruining your wonderful nail design you just did if you apply them immediately without letting the nails to get dry.
  • Gives your nail that extra artwork it needs: Nail polish such as the neon color sheds dry matter when you use a top coat, it helps in restoring the shininess and gives your nail the glossy look. Nevertheless, if you want a matte finish, using opi rapidly top coat, you can get the effect you desire. The addition of a thick layer of top coat can give your nail the glossy and smooth look.
  • It helps keep your nails polish to dry faster: Using a top coat can help in speeding up the drying process of your polish. How do you use opi rapidly top coat for your nail? It is easy, just seal, shine, and protect using one coat while pulling it through the top of the nails. Nevertheless, most of the quick to dry top coats are susceptible to shrinkage and chipping.
  • It gives your nail a lasting effect: Using a top coat can help in the prevention of chipping and breaking of your nails. To get a prolonged nail after your fresh manicure, the answer is using a good top coat.
  • It makes your nails harder: The quickest way to prevent breakage and strengthening your nails is by adding a top coat on the hard layer.

Once you apply the base coat, colored polish, and the top coat, changing your manicure by yourself is complete. Perhaps you don’t prefer colored polish, using a top coat and base coat can prevent the peeling and splitting of the nail.

According to the popular belief that top coat and base coat are the same is not true. However, some product contains the two within the same bottle. Nevertheless, once it is written on the bottle that this is a top coat, it is top coat and not base coat. Each does its own job. The top coat is made to seal the nail polish, give you a beautiful nail, and dries the nails faster.

What is the ingredient of the base and top coats?

Solvents are one of the ingredients used for top and base coats and acts as carriers of other chemicals needed to work on the nail. These efficient chemicals are liquefied into solvents since they cannot stand on their own as a liquid. Chemists’ make use of special volatile solvents for lacquers, which means that they evaporate quickly. Lacquers require a combination of these volatile solvents in delivering other chemicals to the nails, and later evaporate leaving behind the functional chemicals to carry out their work on the nail. Butyl acetate and ethyl are the common nail product solvents. Plasticizers are also ingredients within the base coats. These are chemicals responsible for adding flexibility to substance. This is significant because for base coats you need a layer, which will not break but will bend with the natural nail. The base coats also require cellulose chemicals in creating the double-sided sticky layer, which sticks to the polish and the natural nail. On the other hand, top coats have the capability of drying fast and creating a high-gloss shine. The agent responsible for this “shiny nature” is the nitrocellulose content. The top coats require more cellulose-based chemicals in getting an accurate shine. The thicker the glue is, the more it shines and the longer it will dry.


Base coats help in the prevention of stain on your nails.

Have you tried using a red color polish on your nails only to discover yellow stains? There is every chance that you did not follow the direction or use a base coat. Therefore, to defend yourself, you need a base coat instead of a top coat because it provides a protection for the layer between the pigment of the polish and the nails. If you want to follow the thumb rule, then ensure that the darker the color used, the more essential it is to make use of a base coat. Nevertheless, there is one exception and that is the use of neon. Neons are not dark but because of the fluorescent dyes stain more when compared with the regular nail polish. For those who want to avoid the use of a base coat, it is important to shun the use of dark colors and use natural shades instead. Remember that during the application of the pigment on the nail bed, it is essential to make use of a long-lasting and high-quality formula.

How do you use OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat?

  • After the preparation is the base coating.
  • When applying the base coat, without touching the cuticle, you should get close to it. Remember if the gel gain access to the skin, it will peel off. Perhaps in the eventually where it touches the cuticle, ensure you use an orange stick to clean it off.
  • After this is the cure, which was explained above by using UV lamp. If you don’t have UV lamp, you can use a LED Nail Lamp. Remember to put the color beside the free edge of the nail. For easy access, to move the skin use your thumb.
  • Once you have properly cured your shellac nails for those doing it at home, you can apply another set of thin coat and cure.
  • The process can be repeated until the desired color shade is gotten. Remember that it will take a longer time to cure if the color is darker.
  • Finally is the top coat.

This should be applied to the same thin even layer. Ensure part is covered when using the top coat and it is sealed correctly. You can also remove the tacky layer once the top coat is cured. This is very easy, as you will rub it with a cotton swab containing alcohol. After this, the result will be polished nails.

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