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The best way to care for your nails

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Vy Nhu / 05 Sep, 2017

Everybody loves a beautiful and strong nail even if some people try as much as possible to deny it. Ladies love their nails and are proud of it. Nails make the hands look feminine and elegant but how could this be when you don’t have a strong nail. Nevertheless, while some ladies are having “fun” with their nails, for others it is the most stressful thing they are facing. This is because they don’t know how to care for their nails as they ought to. We went to most of the Essie all in one 3 way glaze review comments and discovered that it is the major issue faced by many. The following tips will help you in taking good care of your nails and it won't either break or chip anymore.


  • Rubber Gloves are not your enemies: For most people, rubber gloves are stressful. Don’t clean your home or dishes without putting on a glove because the chemicals contained in these detergents are very harmful and will damage your nails and hands. Besides this, it has the tendency of giving your nails a nasty burn while making the nails to look weaker. When next you want to clean or wash the dishes, protect yourself by wearing a rubber glove.
  • Nail Hardeners and Calcium Gels: These items can give you a stronger nail. Nevertheless, most people expect an instantaneous result, which is wrong. You need to use such product frequently while giving it some time. Make use of a strong hardener, to help keep the beauty of your nails.
  • Nail creams: At times, the regular hand cream you use is not good enough. You need a special kind of nail cream to effectively take good care of the nails. Don’t worry because they are cheap and a whole lot of them sold in the market. You can try different type to find the one that perfectly suits you.
  • Removing the Cuticle: According to Joy from one of the Essie all in one 3 way glaze review, removing the cuticle is the biggest mistake committed by most girls. You should not do it rather apply a good cream or cuticle remover gel while gently pushing the cuticles using a cuticle stick. In this way, you won’t cause damage to your nail. Removing your cuticle shouldn’t give you stress after this.
  • Regular clipping: There is no reason for you to have long nails. Not only does it make you appear slutty but also it is something that is unpractical. Health wise, it is not good for you. Therefore, ensure your nails are in its perfect shape, as you don’t want something that will disrupt your daily chores. People that are used to keeping long nails will tell you that it is prone to breaking. Why the stress.
  • Polishing and Filing: Firstly, investing in a good nail file is important. Don’t just clip your nails and leave them, instead of file them immediately. When filing, move in a particular direction only and not two way. Filing in two directions creates tiny cracks, which will eventually weaken your nails. In polishing your nails, there should be moderation. Once a month is the best practice especially if you don’t want a weaker an thinner nails.
  • Easy when using nail polish: Having colorful nails is quite beautiful; however, did you know that nail polish could cause damage to your nails? Yes, it can because of the acetone content in it, which helps in making your nails soft. Make use of a high-quality nail polish once and ensure you don’t manicure your nails more than once a week. Also, do not make use of expired nail polish. Drop it where it belongs – the trash can.
  • Gel or Acrylic Nails: This is one problem faced in the Essie all in one 3 way glaze review as many are contemplating which to use. This is a personal choice and I don’t like artificial nails. For some people with weaker nails, making use of acrylic and gel nails stop the breaking of their nails. You could try it if your nail breaks. However, be on the watch when using it.
  • Your nails must be kept healthy: No form of special care or treatment will be beneficial if you aren’t taking proper care of your nails. We understand there are thousands of advice on keeping your nails healthy but be careful when reading out such articles.

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