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CND RescueRX - How to Use the Daily Keratin Treatment

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CND is a world renowned and acclaimed nail care advocate in personal beauty and fashion. Several resources are devoted to research and product development to be able to achieve the best results for nail care. Among various opinions ad reviews, the CND RescueRx has come with its own how-to-use manual that if followed judiciously will guarantee the best outcome and make this an investment you will not regret or take lightly.

Why the CND RescueRx?

CND is all about repairing and healing broken nails or nails that have lost their natural health due to abuse or neglect. After Shellac, which was a 14 plus day care package for the nails, CND released the RescueRx which is a daily treatment for boosting and restoring the healthy state of the nails. The product is acclaimed to be highly effective in bonding the natural nail to allow for strength while restoring lost moisture. Continued usage even proves to be more effective as the nail treatment formula reduces the peelings and white spots drastically.



Keratin protein is the key ingredient in the RescueRx. It is a protein that is naturally predisposed to protecting epithelial cells. This means it helps to protect from damage or stress. Keratin proteins in the mixture bonds with the natural oils of the nail casing an even tougher natural synthesis, his process will make it faster and will allow the bonding of the keratin protein and natural oil to make the nail bed even stronger. The product also contains the jojoba oil which us not surprising since the oil is known for its light but penetrating nature. This oil I used to condition different moisturizing benefits and when the mixture is applied, Jojoba Oil contained will penetrate to the nail plate and influence the skin surrounding it as well. Lastly, the RescueRx contains sweet almond oil which is also known for its moisturizing and softening effect of the key.

Opinion Poll

With the release of the product, CND served up clinically proven test results on how the nail treatment formula works. When used consistently every day for a week, eighty percentage of the test participants said white spots of the nail were less noticeable. Also, another eighty-percentage felt that the current condition of their nails was much more improved, and noticeably improved than a week before. The tests were taken further down the line. After a much longer period of about 4 weeks, the same set of people were questioned again. Seventy-three percentage of the same crowd used the RescueRx and reported to see a decrease in splitting while eighty percent reported a decrease in peeling nails.

Beyond the clinical test, people who have used the RescueRx have written reviews that specify the effects of the CND product. A huge percentage of users and reviewers recommend the product and attests to how good and easy it is to use. it has a great smell and easy to apply and easy to have one. The growth and repair is progressive and so not entirely invasive or disturbing. Within a short period of time, however, you will see an improvement in not only how rapidly your nails are growing but also the texture of your nail plate, which would begin to feel firmer and well improved. The product will definitely help you restore strength to your chipped tired nails, especially if you are a product junkie.

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How to Use

The CND RescueRx has 160 applications per half-ounce. This treatment designed to repair nails works best when the protocol is followed to assure the most reliable and best result. To get fast results, the product should be used consistently once stared without a break in between treatments, either by forgetting to apply or to use nail enhancements or polishes. The treatment should continue till you see your desired results. While a professional can start out the process for you, you do not need one to do so. The product is fairly simple to apply and maintain.

The best way to apply the CND RescueRx is to clean off all products that are currently on your nails and make sure you have your bare, naked nails free of products. After this, wash your nails to get them to their cleanest. Once nails are clean, apply the RescueRx to your bare natural nails carefully. Apply by massaging the product into your nail, one at a time. Ensure the massage and application spread over the entire nail including your nail edge and cuticle. Use this treatment twice daily for at least a week. Ensure to be consistent. In extreme cases of nail damage, an appointment with a professional or beauty technician is always best to help you asses the true health of your nails and extent of damage before treatment begins and regularly after you start your treatment. If you are consulting with a beautician, return frequently for assessment on whether to stop the treatment or to continue.

Most treatment applications last the whole of two weeks or even longer. According to the company, treatment should last one to four weeks, depending on the condition of your nails another advisable method will be use apply the first treatment have a meticulous manicure. This helps you get rid of unwanted bits and dirt as well as makes your nails tender so the product can work faster. A meticulous manicure somewhere in between as you keep applying the treatment is also not a bad idea.

The CND RescueRx how-to-use is pretty straightforward and not complex. Just like applying a simple polish, growing your nails and keeping them healthy should be an easy priority for you. Your nails can grow strong and long even if they have been splitting all your life. All you have to do is pick up a product and follow the instructions. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to ask or tell how you use your own products.

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