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OPI gel break serum reviews- Damaged Nail: Disorder and Solution

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Vy Nhu / 31 Aug, 2017

Perhaps your nails are splitting or flaking, it means you have damaged nails. You shouldn’t worry because this problem can be solved. While perusing through the OPI gel break serum reviews, one can conclude that the major cause of this condition is severe dehydration. Besides this, another reason for you having damaged nails may result from a heavy object falling directly to the nail. If you also have physical damage to the toenail, this could be the reason for the damage of your toenail. Physical damage could thicken over time. For many men, thickening of the nail is a common condition. But, this condition does not affect men only, it affects women too. The truth is that most problems that lead to you having a damaged nail are actually treatable at home. Nevertheless, it is always important to consult your doctor if you experience certain signs, which may specify serious issues such as chronic disease or the deficiency of a vitamin.


How do you know you should consult a doctor?

  • Blood pooling beneath your nails
  • Distorted or clubbed nails
  • Nails with white or pale ridges on them.

Steps in treating or avoiding damaged nails

Step One: Lookout for any signs such as redness of the skin around the nails or yellowish color beneath the nails. Perhaps you banged your nail recently or use strong solvents or chemicals frequently, these external factors may be the reason for your damaged nails. In this situation, consult your pharmacist or doctor for antibiotic cream, which you can use in treating any wounds or cuts around the nails. However, if an infection is what you suspect, then inform your doctor to prescribe the best antibiotics.

Step Two: It is important that if your nails are chipped or broken, they should be cut shorter. This will help especially for those who have formed the habit of chewing their nails. Once the nails begin to row back, they will be in better shape and stronger. Ensure you file your nail frequently to remove rough edges and getting rid of chips as many of the opi gel break serum reviews comment highlighted.

Step Three: Taking biotin supplements can also help for those with damaged nails. Vitamin helps in thickening and strengthening the nails. To improve the health condition of your nails, a daily consumption of 2,500-microgram supplement within few months can help. Besides this, eating food with high biotin content such as cauliflower can help against damaged nails.

Step Three: Another important way of avoiding damaged nails is by moisturizing it. You can use vegetable oil in soaking the fingers or brushing your nails. This will help in fighting dryness and brittleness of the nails. Apply lotion to your fingers and nails, especially if you remove your nail polish.

Nail disorder and diseases

Your nails comprise of a protein called keratin. The building blocks that encompass your body is this protein. A fact that many haven’t recognized is that the state of your nails tells more about the amount of water consumed by you, how well you eat, and the type of disease you may have. A sure sign that you are not taking proper care of yourself is directly related to the state of your nails. Because of this, we took the time to look at the various OPI gel break serum reviews putting into consideration the different disorders experienced by many. Below are some of them.


Common disorder of the nail

Thick yellow nails: This is caused by the elongated use of antibiotic tetracycline. It is understandable that you may be frightened because we advised the use of antibiotics; however, ensure to use according to the prescription of a certified physician. Aside from this, thick yellow nails may signify a reflection of diseases of the thyroid gland, lungs, or lymphatic system. Smoking is another culprit of the yellowing of the nails.

Blue nails: Perhaps your nails are blue almost all time, it has to do with blood circulation and it is important to consult your doctor because the primary cause is a heart disease.

Fungal Infections: About 80 percent of nail disorders is caused by fungal infections and very difficult to treat. They are more common in toenails when compared to your fingernails. When you experience the ending part of your nail separating from the nail bed, know that this is a fungal infection. Additionally, debris (black, yellow, green, or white) may cluster underneath the nail plate and tarnish or colorize the nail bed. The most susceptible nails to fungal infections are the toenails because they are confined to a moist, warm, and weight-bearing environment. For diabetic patient or people who frequently have their hands in water, yeast or Candia infections are more common to their fingernails.

Horizontal white striped lines on the nails: You may experience this disorder if you have Hodgkin’s disease, heart attacks, kidney failure, or sickle-cell disease.

Curled nails: This is also known as clubbing, which signifies problems with your lungs, colon, liver, or heart. Once you experience curled nails, visit your doctor for some tests to ascertain the primary cause.

Ingrown Nail: This may be hereditary and caused by an imbalance between the nail bed and the width of the nail plate, and the over curvature of your nails. Poor maintenance is another cuprite of ingrown nail such as cutting your nail very short, peeling of the edges or rounding off the tip of the nails. Symptoms of ingrown nail include swelling, redness, and infections causing the toes to be very painful. You can treat this disorder by either surgery or soaking the area affected. Don’t be scared because your entire nail will not be taken off. During the surgery, a small portion of your nail is what will be taken off. If you are afraid of surgery, then try home remedy by covering your nail with Band-Aid.

Bacterial Infections: Pain, swelling, and redness of the nail skin are signs of bacterial infection to your nail. The common culprit to bacterial infection is exposing your nails to chemical and water.

Other disorders you may observe including pitting, spooning, and horizontal grooves of the nails. Opi gel break can help in repairing your damaged nails and help in the prevention of the peeling, tearing, and breaking of the nail. Now you know what most nail disorder experienced by OPI gel break serum reviews reviewers, you can be rest assured that the solution is not far-fetched.

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