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OPI expert touch nail wipes review - Understanding necessary steps to nail removal

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Vy Nhu / 31 Aug, 2017

OPI Expert Touch Nail Wipes is a nail remover among the professional lint nail wipes, which delivers matchless performance for those who make use of it. It works well to clean both acrylic and gel nails. You are no strangers when it comes to iron-clad polish with the long-lasting effect that sticks for a longer time when compared with the regularly used ones. Nevertheless, irrespective how knowledgeable you are in gel nails when you are using any removal techniques you can naturally take of your brittle. Celebrities like Ashley Tisdale and Shay Mitchell have always had perfectly polished nails; however, for some that need changes to their polish and take this into our hand, we have rolled some of the issues we saw from the OPI expert touch nail wipes review from people who had difficulty when doing their manicure. At the end of this article, you will be your own professional manicurist.


Primarily, you must understand that whatever you do, you shouldn’t peel your gel nails off. One of the worst and biggest mistakes committed by many is the scraping and peeling of the gel in the incorrect manner and it can be extremely dangerous. If you consider your cells within your nails exactly like the roof that has a tile, you will be more careful. Another thing is that pulling it off in an aggressive way is harmful, as you are not just taking off the gel but the top layers containing the delicate part of the cells. You must also recognize that when doing this, timing is of great importance. The main rule according to professionals in your manicure is that there is every possibility of getting two gel manicures uninterrupted. However, you must combine it with regular manicure within the third week while going back to the gel during the fourth week. In the aspect of removing the gel, it shouldn’t exceed 14 days because the longer you have a soak-off gel, the harder it will become when you want to remove it. This was one of the issues faced by many in the OPI expert touch nail wipes review.

Another mistake committed by many is the use of the wrong tools. The removal of your gel manicure professional is essential and patience is required if you want a consistent result especially if you are doing it yourself. One way of getting prepared is by getting the right tools such as wood nail stick, foil, cotton balls, and acetone. The strength of the acetone must be at its optimal point. You don’t have to spend twice the amount payable on the same brand when it is written boldly that it is meant for gel removal. Ensure it does not say it is non-acetone and has maximum strength on its label. Aside from this, if you go through the OPI expert touch nail wipes review; you will observe that many don’t protect their cuticles. The creation of a barrier between the acetone and cuticles holds the secret. You can also make use of Aquaphor or Vaseline as alternatives. Since it is essential to cover the whole nail bed using the acetone-soaked cotton, you must be sure that the gel is properly removed. In this way, the barrier layer will help from drying and destroying the sensitive cuticle during the procedure. Moreover, you must soak the nails by assigning a single cotton ball to each nail, which must be treated in the acetone. Immediately it is wet, take some pieces of foil, and strongly wrap it around the nail bed. You can allow it for up to 40 minutes to enable the gel to dissolve properly. If the nails are properly soaked within the time allocated to it, the gel will be easily removable with a firm finger pressure. Finally, the moment you have removed the gel, the nail beds will look brittle and dry at first, ensure you moisture it using nail oil. You can also use Aquaphor or Vaseline to the cuticles while rubbing it gently.


Removing your Gel Nail Polish

For most people removing their gel nail polish is a daunting task. While others, taking the fingernails out of the foil wrap is the most interesting part. I guess you will say different strokes for different people. According to professionals, when doing this, do not unpack the foil, rather you should slide it through the end of the finger. In this way, it will not only fit within the shape of your fingernails but also make it easier for you slide it back in the eventuality that the nail needs re-soaking. Another important point to note is that you should not file the polish off. It is understandable that it may be tempting in the situation where the polish stays hard. Doing it may result to damaging your natural nails

Removing your gel Manicure

Perhaps after completely removing the gel color, there may be some layer left with some unappealing spot. In this case, you will need a nail buffer if you want to make it even and prepare it when next you are ready to polish it. Remember to not only shape your nails but also wash your hands immediately you have finished. This will help in removing acetone and dust residue. Ensure your hand is properly dry before the application of the next gel polish.

Check out this video review here.

Removing your gel nails without acetone

During the OPI expert touch nail wipes review, one common problem faced by many is their inability of not able to remove their gel nails without acetone. Well, any guide you see online informing you that it is quick possible without damaging your nails is wrong. When removing your nails with or without acetone, it is highly important for you to be careful as you don’t want to damage the sensitive part of your skin within your fingers.

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