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Seche Clear base coat directions - Do You Really Need to Use Base Coat

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Vy Nhu / 30 Aug, 2017

In this article, we will enlighten you to the benefits of a base coating and Seche clear base coat with the correct directions for your manicure. If you need proof why this is worthwhile, let us start with the benefits.

Benefit #1: Base coats give you a long lasting manicure.

Base coat serves as an adhesive for your nails. Apart from the plasticizers, which makes it flexible, it contains additional cellulose chemicals. They stick to the nail underneath and the polish above to elongate the manicure. It also gives room for the nails to be flexible and bend naturally. The manicure will chip quickly if the elastic surface does not stick properly. Following the Seche clear base coat directions is very easy. First, apply it heavily, and then get a good bead at the end of the brush. On the first nail, slowly sting and look closely how the coat flows through the wet nail polish without streaking or dragging the core pedicure. You do not need more than one coating.


Benefit #2: Base coats helps in the prevention of stain on your nails.

Have you tried using a red color polish on your nails only to discover yellow stains? There is every chance that you did not follow the direction or use a base coat. For those who make use of Seche Nail Polish Coats and follow the Seche clear base coat directions as stated, this will not occur. Stains occur due to a chemical reaction between your nail plates and the ingredients in the polish. Therefore, to defend yourself, you need a base coat because it provides a protection for the layer between the pigment of the polish and the nails. If you want to follow the thumb rule, then ensure that the darker the color used, the more essential it is to make use of a base coat. Nevertheless, there is one exception and that is the use of neon. Neons are not dark but because of the fluorescent dyes stain more when compared with the regular nail polish. For those who want to avoid the use of a base coat, it is important to shun the use of dark colors and use natural shades instead. Remember that during the application of the pigment on the nail bed, it is essential to make use of a long-lasting and high-quality formula.

Benefit #3: Base coats can be manageable problem-solvers.

It is vital to understand that some base coats contain ingredients that solve different nail issues and available in the market for you to try. Ensure you read the labels on such products to choose the one that best suits you. Perhaps you have extra dry nails, making a choice of base coat with moisturizers will help in keeping the nails in a tip-top shape. For those with uneven nails, consider using a base coat with ridge-filling ability. This will help in providing a thicker base to level out indentations or ridges in the nail prior to the application of the coat color. While those with issues of brittle or weak nails, a strengthening formula will be the perfect option. There is a word of caution, ensure you avoid base coats that profess to act as nail hardeners. These contain a high level of formaldehyde and harden the nails temporarily but later cause cracking and splitting of the nails because they get too hard. For those without any of the issues mentioned above, look for base coats that have the same qualities as any nail polish. Ensure you avoid toluene and formaldehyde because they contain allergens.


Professional Tips when using a base coat

Now you are aware of the benefits of using a base coat, it will be unprofessional of me not to give you some important tips when using a base coat. These tips are essential when you want to follow the Seche clear base coat directions for your nail.

Tip #1: Always use a base coat. However, extra time is needed for this but it will help in giving the colored polish something to stick to, making your pedicure or manicure to last longer. This also helps in preventing stain on your nails from pigmented paint.

Tip #2: Ensure the right white nail polish is used. White nail polish is a must-wear shade today because it is a super mod shade. When making a choice of such white nail polish, ensure the formula creamy and thick and is not streaky or too sheer. You can take a brush and wipe it against the inside of the top of the polish bottle if you want to know if it is dense. It is not pigmented adequately if the polish sheer against the inside of the nail polish bottle.

Tip #3: Avoid dry nail polish that dries quickly. Quick dry nail polish normally dehydrates and has the tendency of drying out your nails.

Tip #4: Never wobble your nail polish. Instead of shaking it, roll it backward and forth between your hands while holding the polish vertically. This will help in making sure that there is no air bubble in the lacquer. This is not written on the label of the Seche clear base coat directions

Tip #5: Make use of three free polish always. Formulas labeled like dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde – ingredients can increase your health conditions if exposed to them for a longer period. Therefore, make use of them once a while.

Tip #6: Ensure you use a top coat always. When applying a top coat, swipe the tip of your nail always. In this way, for those typing or hitting their tips against computer keys frequently, the nail will not get chips easily.

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