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OPI start to finish formaldehyde free formula – Does this base coat deliver as promised

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Vy Nhu / 30 Aug, 2017

Start – to – Finish Features

The OPI Start - to - Finish as already mentioned can function as your base coat, your top coat or nail strengthener if you find yourself recovering from a series of artificial nail tips. To properly review the Start - to - Finish product, we have to be able to see how it works for every single function it was made for.


As a Base Coat

Start - to - Finish has a base coat function makes it possible to apply it before applying your OPI nail lacquer of any color. It helps to prevent the lacquer from discoloring your nails. As a base coat, the Start - to - Finish gives a really smooth finish that will make your lacquer application turn out well without streaks.

As a Top Coat

This functions as a top coat by applying over the chosen polish and allowing it to dry into a high glossy and dazzling shine.

Apply this after the application of your colored lacquer, using the start to finish as your top coat will help put a glossy and dazzling look to perfect your nail polish.

As a Nail Strengthener

The formula used for Start - to - Finish nail has ingredients that will bond several protein fibers. This helps to prevent moisture lost. This helps to keep your nails strong and durable, allowing your nails withstand the numerous applications of different lacquers. The durability developed into this formula goes a long way to prove endurance and will certainly strengthen your nails.


Reviewed as a Base Coat

  • The Start - to - Finish has been proven to have the ability to make nail lacquer last longer than normal. It dries pretty fast and makes for one of the best base and top coat products out there. 
  • Although, it is a bit pricey than your random nail coat it might be aid to be worth it because the Start - to - Finish not is not only a base cot or top coat but functions as both. The nail strengthening feature also ought to be considered in this regard. Again, a bottle of this purchase will last a long time. That already spreads out the pricing over a few months. With all of these in mind, you will agree with me that it might actually be just reasonably priced.
  • The product protects your nail from staining as a base coat. It dries really fast too. There is a huge possibility that lacquer stains and affects the colors of your nails in the long run but the Start - to - Finish does a wonderful job of keeping your nails protected from stains of different colors.
  • Because it is mad with a formaldehyde free formula, it does a lot in preventing chipping and breaking. The Start - to - Finish works quite well as a base coat. The formula helps to keep your nails strong and healthy allowing you to wear your chosen lacquers for an extended period of time in contrast to you wearing them without the OPI Start - to - Finish.
  • The formula also ensures that other nail polishes that are applied over to stick to it well and it allows them to really turn out smoothly and as desired. A good point you might be interested in is that it as a shiny finish and this can be noticed though your clear lacquer or when you apply it as a top coat.

Reviewed as a Top Coat

  • As a top coat, the Start - to - Finish is not entirely as effective as it is if you used it as a base coat. The Start - to - Finish product when applied as a top coat can be subjective to factors before its effectiveness can be measured. Sometimes, the top coat works well but it does not dry quickly. It actually sometimes takes longer to dry when it is applied on top of a lacquer.
  • There are times it does not dry at all and eventually peels off, leaving the polish to look streaky. It can also peel off the color applied underneath. The color applied beneath can look streaky or not applied well as opposed to how it is mean to look.
  • Apart from that, when the Start - to - Finish dries properly, it can become quite brisk and chip off the nail polish within a few hours. The Start - to - Finish formula seems to be sharp and therefore if wrongly applied can chip off the lacquer polish.
  • However, when it is applied well, it becomes one of the best top coats you can find to apply. The Start - to - Finish when used as a top coat is glossy and is resistant to chipping. This allows the lacquer to last longer and keep looking vibrant and exactly as you want it to look. The difference in the application results allows me to conclude that it must be a method of application that makes the difference between the two extreme results. It might be necessary to study and predict exactly how the different effects are achieved and what would prevent the polish from chipping off easily.

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The polish has one of the best brushes OPI has made. Applying Start - to - Finish is easy and makes for the perfect streak free polished look.

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