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Nail repairs and what are nail repair costs associated with them

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Nail salons offer nail repair services at a cost. Nail repair costs are often influenced by the severity of the repairs as well as a number of other factors. Nail salons usually use a number of techniques to fix breaks, tears, and other nail disasters. This will help to put the nail back in shape as well as aid in avoiding infections on the nails. This article is set out to discuss nail repairs as well as how much nail repairs could cost.

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Different Nail Types Requires Different Nail Repair Types

A first-rate nail salon will usually have some fixes for nails that are damaged, split or broken. Your broken nail could easily be restored to a very beautiful nail through the many tricks that professional nail technicians utilize to seamlessly fix damaged nails. Some types of nail repairs and how they are carried out are discussed below.

Acrylic nail repair

It is possible for a nail technician to fix your damaged acrylic nails. This is good news considering that you don’t have to soak your nails and then get some new acrylic nails done when one of your acrylic nails gets damaged as this is more difficult, costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, it could also save your natural nails.

  • Cracked below the free edge and natural nail

The need for the removal and application of a new nail will only come up if you have a crack below the nail edge that is free, with your natural nail also affected or where the damage extends to over half of the nail.

  • Cracked without affecting the natural nail

For another type of nail damages, all that will be required will be filling the crack.

  • If you have a cracked acrylic but your natural nail is not cracked, then you should remove the acrylic that is close to the crack and then have the remaining part of your nail filed.
  • The exposed part of the nail will then be prepared and filled.
  • The technician might also cut a part of your nail, place a form under it and extend your nails.
  • If you have a low crack with a cracked natural nail as well, it is possible to peel off the acrylic nail, use a disinfectant to clean the crack and then use a thin acrylic layer to cover the nail.
  • If the damage requires that a new nail is fixed, and you observe that your natural nail is infected or is bleeding, it is advisable to wait until that part of the nails grow out before adding acrylic nails again.
  • The acrylic nail repair is normally the most expensive type of nail repair.

Repair of Natural Nail

  • If your natural nail has a crack, the technician will put a small quantity of cotton in the crack of your nail and then put some nail glue on the cotton.
  • Glue dryer will then be sprayed after which the nail will be buffed till it is smooth.

Repair of Gel Nail

  • When repairing nails, gel nails are generally the easiest and most straightforward to fix.
  • If the nail’s edge has a tear, the top layer of the gel that was last filled will be filed close to the break with the natural nail carefully avoided.
  • The nail will then be primed after which a little quantity of clear gel will be applied in line with the break.
  • The nail will be cured, and a gel polish top coat will be applied. This is normally the cheapest type of nail repairs.

Steps Technicians will take to fix your nail

  • Damage Assessment

The nail technician will first access how much damage your nail has. If there is some space from your natural nail, it will be best to just file the damaged part of the fixed nail off and then file the other nails to have the same length. If any sign of finger irritation or nail infection is observed, medical treatment will be recommended, while fixing of nails will be postponed.

  • Use a Nail File to Buff the Nail

For better adherence of the silk patch of fiberglass, the nail needs to be toughened up. Buffing the nail helps to achieve the rough nail required for the materials to adhere better.

  • Use Rubbing Alcohol to Spray the Nail

Nail dust could settle on the nail during the process of filing it. Hence, the dust is removed by rubbing alcohol.

  • Cutting and Application of a Silk/Fiberglass Cloth Piece

Apply a little piece of silk or fiberglass cloth on the part of the nail that is cracked. Be careful that the skin is not touched. For precise repairs, most patches and wraps are usually adhesive.

  • Nail glue Application

The next step involves using a nail glue to soak the fiberglass piece. A glue dryer should be used to quickly dry the soaked fiberglass.

  • Use a Block Buffer to Smooth the Nail

A block buffer should be used on the area that was repaired to smoothen it after the nail gets dry. It is important to ensure the fiberglass patch is not worn out in the process of buffing as a result of over-buffing.

  • Top Coat or Polish Application

The nail repaired is usually completed by applying a top coat or polish.

  • Prices for Nail Repair

The most nail salon will usually charge you around $3 per nail to repair one of your nails. The nail repairs cost could reduce if you are repairing more than one nails. In the rare case, you have to repair all your nails, you could get a discount of between 10 and 30 percent of the amount per nail multiplied by the 10 nails. For example, if you are charged $3 per nail, you could be charged between $20 and $27 to fix all 10 nails.

Let us know how much nail repairs have cost you before? Please leave your comments below.