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Nail tek Foundation ii base coat - The benefits of base and top coat for your nails

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Nail tek Foundation ii base coat - The benefits of base and top coat for your nails

A base coat is more of a clear polish that is used prior to any application of any nail paint on your nails. It lies under the nail polish and prevents chemicals from the various nail paints product used from coming in contact with your nails. Today, there are various base coats sold on the market including Nail tek Foundation ii base coat while others are sold in the form of vitamin booster or nail visualizer. Most of these base coat falls within the fortified base coats category and promise to give added benefits to the nails. We explore some of the advantages of base coat and top coats with some of the avoidable mistakes when using them on your nails.

As mentioned before; a base coat is applied before your nail polish. Using a base coat before the application of your nail polish helps a lot and we have listed some of these benefits.

Benefits of using a Base Coat

  • Prevents the chipping and breaking of the nail polish
  • Renders a smooth base to enable the spreading of the nail polish evenly
  • A fortified base coat helps in promoting a good nail health
  • It makes your nails harder and difficult for breakage to happen
  • It gives no room for bright colored nail paints to tint or blemish your nails.

What is a Top Coat?

Unlike the base coat, the top coat is applied when the nail polish is dry in order to create an obstacle to the surface in stopping chipping and helps in providing a glossy shine. The purpose of top coats is to ensure that your nail paints and its fascinated arts last longer. If you observe properly, when you apply top coat on your nail polish, the chipping tends to reduce. Besides this, top coat helps in keeping your nail to last longer. There are various benefits when using a top coat after applying your nail polish.

 Benefits of using a Top Coat

  • Helps in clinging or fixing your nail art accessories.
  • It hides minor flaws such as fingerprints, dents, and lines, which you may accidentally transfer to the newly painted nails. Using a top coat is like a damage control.
  • It gives an added shine and high gloss to your finished nail paint.
  • It also helps your manicure in staying for a longer time and fresh.

Nail%20tek%20Foundation%20ii%20base%20coat%20(2).jpgWhere to buy a Base Coat and Top Coat?

Undeniably, Nail Tek Foundation ii base coat is part of the most commonly purchased base coat on the market. Nevertheless, there are other brands selling the top and base coats. At times, people substitute a base coat or top coat with most simple clear polish. Frankly speaking, if you have the resource in buying the best base and top coat, we will advise you to do so. Unlike most uncommon nail accessories, they can be purchased anywhere. Our suggestion is that you make use of a base content of high quality if you want your precious nails to stay a longer time. However, you may avoid buying any kind of expensive nail paint but investing in a quality base coat like the Nail Tek Foundation ii base coat is not an option because it adds a glossy shine to your nail paint with little life. Each base coat is unique in its way but the choice lies largely on you.

Avoidable mistakes committed by you

We have already told you of the importance of using a good base coat like Nail Tek Foundation ii base coat and in this section, we will inform you of some of the common mistakes committed by you when applying nail polish. Nail polish is like bread and butter to girls. It's something they cherish and spend a lot to give their nails the perfect treatment possible. It helps in intensifying their looks and add more beauty to them. A beautiful nail isn’t an option. However, some mistakes are evitable in giving your finger the flawlessness it requires. Some of these mistakes are:

Going to bed immediately applying your nail paint: Almost everyone commits this mistake. You are not the only guilty party in this, as most people tend to go to bed immediately applying their nail paints. However, experts advise staying up for at least two hours to allow the nails set completely. Your nail paint has the tendency of being smudged when you sleep. There is one key trick to perform in this situation. You can run extremely cold water on the nails as this will help in setting the nail paint faster before sleeping. Don’t make use of hot or warm water because it will NEVER work.

Applying Thick Coats: Another common mistake we are all culprit on is the application of nail paints that is thick in order to intensify the color. While on the verge of applying thick layers to our nails, the likelihood of the nail paint getting access to the cuticle area is high, which leaves the nails messy.


What is the best way of applying nail tek Foundation ii base coat?

Perhaps you want multiple application of coats, don’t allow it to be thick. The secret is applying the first coat, and then waiting for it to dry before the application of another coat.

Avoiding the Top Coat: This is the biggest offense you will ever commit by avoiding the top coat. In as much as a top coat is not the final touch to the nail, it helps in ensuring that your manicure stays longer with its shines.

Ignoring the Base Coat: For those using Nail Tek Foundation ii base coats, ensure you avoid this common mistake because the secret behind having a perfect nail paint lies in the use of a base coat. Base coat helps in preventing your nails from stains and keeps the polish to last longer.

Using Expired nail polish: Your nail polish has a lifespan, did you know? Now you know and it lasts 8-12 months. During this time, they change color, consistency, and texture. Using a new nail polish and that of 10 months won’t produce the same results. An expired nail paint will damage your nails on a later run.

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 Have you used this base coat before? What are your thoughts regarding Nail Tek’s Foundation II Base Coat? Let us know in the comments below.