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How to use CND Super Shiney: Understanding the Most Important Nail Care hack!

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How to use CND Super Shiney: Understanding the Most Important Nail Care hack!

20-09-2017 Vy Nhu
Amongst the various brands, knowing how to use CND Super Shiney, will definitely leave you impressed with the CND brand and its wide array of products, making you want to try their entire series.

Millions of nail lovers across the globe are going all gaga over the recent evolution of nail care products. The Nail scene has indeed turned out to be the most sought after trend of today’s ‘fashion-istic’ era. As you move around you’ll certainly come across a vibrant spread of nail design and colors that will leave you mind-boggled. And to achieve this vibrancy you have a plethora of beauty brands waiting to offer you their best. However, amongst the various brands, knowing how to use CND Super Shiney, will definitely leave you impressed with the CND brand and its wide array of products, making you want to try their entire series.

How%20to%20use%20CND%20Super%20Shiney%20(1).jpgBut before you set off on a delightful and refreshing nail journey, it is important to understand the basics of maintaining good and healthy nails, so as to give you a long lasting experience with your fashion nails. There are certain parameters that you should follow in your regular nail hygiene regime, which are summarized below:

  • Keep your nails clean: Just like you take utmost care to keep the rest of your body hygienic, your nails too deserve to be kept clean at all times. So ensure that your nails and the skin surrounding them are free from dirt and oil. Always use an acetone-remover to remove every trace of the last color you used.
  • Be Gentle: As delicate are the hair on your head, so are your nails equally fragile. If not handled with care, they can easily break or start peeling. Thus always use a light scrub to clean your nails gently. Digging deep under the nail plate with your nail cleaning tools will greatly hamper your nails.
  • Regular Trims and Filing: Even if you’re a long nails fan, it is extremely essential to trim and file your nails regularly in order to ensure its strong and efficient growth. However you do have an option to use fake nails to enhance your look when you’ve had a recent trim. Also if you are someone whose work routine often causes your nails to chip, make sure you keep a filer handy at all times to immediately rectify a ‘chippy’ situation.
  • Cuticles are Crucial: The cuticles serve as natural nail protectors. They seal the area below the nails to avoid any infections. However if you cut off the cuticle, it breaks open this protective shield and makes your nails more vulnerable to bacteria and infections.
  • Clean the tools: Just as important it is to clean your make-up applicators, you should definitely clean your nail care tools that you thoroughly use during your in-depth manicure sessions. So you should regularly wash all nail tools properly with soap and water and then wipe it with rubbing alcohol to prevent the build- up of any bacteria.
  • Always read the label: Before using any nail product, it is important to understand its ingredients so that you don’t end up harming your nails with an aim of enhancing them. All nail polishes are not made of the same chemicals and some of them are quite toxic in nature which will only deteriorate your nails.
  • Your nails need a break: If you are a complete nail polish addict and love to change the color of your nails more often than you change your outfits, it’s about time for you to understand that your nails need a break. It is always better to use highly pigmented hues over the weekend and give your nails some rest over the week or vice versa to ensure that they are kept away from yellowing, drying or weakening.
  • Always use a moisturizer: Just as particular you are about keeping your skin hydrated, you need to ensure that your nails and cuticle are also well-hydrated. This will in turn ensure the healthy longevity of your nails. So before you shut your eyes every night apply some cuticle cream or moisturizer to keep your nails and cuticles soft and hydrated.
  • Always use a base coat: Even though you are someone who uses expensive nail lacquers that claim to be free of toxic chemicals, but at the end of the day you definitely know that you don’t get such rich and bold hues without the involvement of any strong chemicals. Thus to protect your nail bed, always ensure you use a base coat before applying the nail polish.
  • Use a top coat to seal the deal: Anything that is precious needs protection. Thus a clear yet glossy top coat ensures that your expensive nail polish or nail art is kept intact for a longer period of time through a protective layer.

How%20to%20use%20CND%20Super%20Shiney%20(2).jpgNow having understood the various factors involved for the proper maintenance of your nails, let’s throw some light on the protective top coat layering that eventually saves your extensive manicure sessions. So you see the top coat in indeed one of the most crucial coatings of your nail enhancement process, because the survival of the entire process is dependent upon it. Thus choosing an apt top coat nail polish is vital. However top coats come in different brands and varieties, some with specific characteristics as per your requirement. Some top coats are good for performing nail art, while some give a better long lasting wear. Some coats dry quickly so can be used when you are in a rush, while others give a high-glossy shine to add the perfect oomph. The CND Super Shiney top coat gives you the perfect gloss and shine that you just can’t stop adoring. But the question is how to use CND Super Shiney? Well it isn’t any rocket science. All you got to do is apply a single layer of the top coat from edge to edge to give your nails a superbly glossy finish. Alternatively the CND top coat also protects the nails from discoloration and fading.

Thus comprehending the importance of the above nail care hacks and choosing the perfect nail care tools and products will definitely ensure that you have healthy and beautiful nails to flaunt.

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