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Clear Gel Overlay On Natural Nails – There Is No Better Way To Look More Natural Yet Styled!

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Clear Gel Overlay On Natural Nails – There Is No Better Way To Look More Natural Yet Styled!

Vy Nhu / 20 Sep, 2017

Over the years the world of fashion nails has evolved in such a magnificent manner that the very first thought that strikes a woman’s mind when considering beauty is the unique adornment of her nails. The Nail-ist approach has set in a fad that is massively growing and demanding more and more from the nail gurus. The concept of nail enhancements has absolutely revolutionized the grooming ritual by shifting focus from natural nails to artificial nails. In this era of fake nails, the women are indeed spoilt for choice, yet the nude style of applying clear gel overlay on natural nails has topped the list offering a simple yet sophisticated look. 

When someone greets you with their hands (a usual gesture), nails are the very first things that catch your attention either consciously or subconsciously. Thus maintaining healthy and gorgeous looking nails are extremely essential as it strongly boasts of your personality. There are 2 main techniques through which you can ensure well-groomed and aesthetically appealing nails.

  • Nail Extensions: These are nothing but light- weighted plastic plates that are glued to the tip of your natural nails in order to lengthen them. Thereafter gel, acrylic or fiberglass is applied onto the extension and cured to set the extension well and promote strength and gloss.


  • Nail Overlays: Overlays completely skip the extension step and instead involves the application of the strengthening mixture directly onto the natural nails to enhance its appearance and durability.


Why should you use Nail Overlays?

Since nail overlays are an additional layering on top of your natural nails rather than an extended version of your nails, they serve as a protective barrier, thus making your natural nails less susceptible to splits, breakages or other wear outs. Nail overlays are quite beneficial for people with brittle or short nails due to issues with their nail growth or being habitual nail biters. Thus overlays give you an opportunity to break the monotony of your short nails and revive them with your desired design and color. Though overlays are the most apt choice for people with short damaged nails, they can definitely enhance the appearance of longer nails.




What are the types of Nail Overlays?

The alluring nail overlay platter comprises of Acrylic overlays, Gel overlays and fiberglass or silk overlays.

  • Acrylic Nail Overlays:  Acrylic overlays are made up of powder polymer and liquid which creates a hard protective layering atop your natural nails. When the product is applied over your nails, it begins to harden being exposed to air. However the acrylic overlays are transparent and clear. So you get to choose the design and colour you want to have over them soon after it has completely set. One of the pros of using acrylic overlays is that they can be removed and repaired in the event of an accident. Now though they last longer because of its toughness, they tend to cause damage to your nail bed and give a more artificial look.


  • Gel Nail Overlays: Gel nails are brushed onto your natural nails through three coats – the base coat, a coat of the choice of color and ultimately the top coat. However each coat needs to be hardened or cured under UV light or by using special LED nail lamps for at least a duration of 3 minutes.  The gel overlays last for up to two weeks and its greatest benefit is the glossy natural look it offers. They are also more flexible and less toxic as compared to acrylic nails though they are comparatively more expensive and difficult to fix at home.


  • Fiberglass or Silk Nail Overlays:  These are thin nail wraps made of paper, linen, silk or fiberglass and applied to the nail for extra strength. They can be embedded with gels or acrylics or can even be used as a natural nail overlay and sealed with resin. Fiberglass overlays offer the most flawless natural look without appearing bulky or thick.

Recently a new type of brand oriented nail overlay has made its way into the nail industry and has outnumbered the rest. The Shellac nail overlay is an overlay system made by Shellac and is a perfect blend of acrylic and gel nail overlay. The product needs to be simply brushed onto your natural nails and cured under UV lighting to give you a tough yet natural- looking nails that offer a shiny look for about 2 weeks.  It’s a thin yet strong material but needs professional help to be applied and removed.

You can check out this video here.


Dare to Care for your Nail Overlays?

Well since nail overlays are an expensive affair after all, it’s important that you look after them well so that they make your nails look prettier for a longer period of time. The below tips should help:

  • Keep your hands clean and moisturized at all times so that the dirt doesn’t destroy your overlays. Using a good moisturizer or cuticle cream or oil should work well.
  • Your natural nails could grow after a while so ensure that you keep trimming your nails to a sensible length wherein the nail overlay would covaer them.
  • Obviously harsh chemicals such as detergents, chlorine etc could hamper your expensive overlays and you surely don’t want that to happen. So always ensure that you use rubber gloves while doing the household chores.
  • Now if you are amongst the habitual nail biters, it’s time to take your name out of the lot if you want to flaunt your overlays for a longer duration.

Having understood the complete mechanism of nail overlays, you can certainly anticipate the final outcome of your nails once you’ve actually undergone the specific nail enhancement treatment. The results are extremely jaw dropping even if you opt to use a clear gel overlay on natural nails rather than experimenting with loud colors and designs. The crux of the concept is to widen your range and choice of natural looking nails, whether you want to go more neutral or adorn your nails to compliment every change of outfit. So it’s time to treat yourself with this exclusive nail enhancement technique and make it define your new fashion statement this season. 

Let’s see a show of hands, please! Leave your pics of your gel nails below.