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What Is Polish Change

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Ok, so I don’t know if you are really into mani-pedi like I am, but I believe I am about to change your perspective about this for the better. That is if you are not a freak like I am. But come to think of it, who wouldn’t want to relax for an hour and 20 minutes reading a Vogue magazine and while doing that get your hand and feet pampered? At the end of the treat, you leave the spa with glossy pretty nails. I do have an issue with my nails though and I’m pretty a number of people can relate with me on this one. The problem starts right at the front of the spa when my phone rings and I keep my hands inside my bag to pick my phone or when I am trying to get my car keys. What happens then? I beat the heck out of my new pretty looking nails. Sometimes I escape the salon with my nails intact but still mess them up somehow either while trying to do my dishes or pick up the laundry.


So how do I fix this problem of mine, that is where something called the “polish change” service comes into play. A polish change is a service that almost all nail spas offer, it is ridiculously cheap and can be described as a mini manicure. With a polish change, you can get almost the same result as getting a full priced manicure service. If you have series of events coming up or just like me, you have messed up your nails, this is the perfect fix. All you have to do is to visit your nearest nail spot or simply visit their website and check if this service is being rendered.

Polish Change On Hands And Feet

It’s called a polish change but can pass for a mini-manicure. You can get a polish change for both your hands and feet. Have you totally neglected your toenails? Or do you think it is not that much of a big deal since it is mostly hidden in your shoes and your barely walk barefooted? But what about an impromptu sleepover, or you just met this really amazing new guy and he invites you to come to spend some time at the beach with his new friends. Will you turn him down just cos of your toenails? The answer is the absolute NO. so what’s the solution? It’s quite simple, it’s the almighty polish change service. With little demand on your pocket, you can get your hands and feet looking on fleek with just 15 minutes at the nail spa. Yes! It doesn’t take much time at all. Isn’t it just amazing!

Why Polish Change

I could go on and on as to why polish change services are like the real deal but I’ll just mention a few points.

  • It saves money.

Are you on a budget and still want to take care of yourself? A polish change service offers you professionally done nails without stressing about sitting at the salon for close to an hour and a half and then paying just a penny. 

  • It saves time.

Not every woman has the luxury of sitting around at the nail salon, reading a vain magazine or probably just watching a tv show that doesn’t interest you. With just spending at most ten to fifteen minutes in the salon, you are done and leaving with fresh gleaming nails.

With just a polish change, you can get your nails buffed, filed, painted and repainted. Who doesn’t want that? Especially if your nails are always looking horrible with chipped remnants, a polish change service is all you need. Think of it as a weekly evening ritual or afternoon depending on whatever time you’ll like to visit the salon.  Professionally painted fingernails may not sound too impressive, I mean what’s the big deal? You could just have your nails painted all by yourself, right? Professionally painted nails even though might not sound too transformative, but they are though. It’s an affordable way to get a little gussied up before any special event.


Polish Change Service Cost

A polish change is not hard to come by at all. Most, if not all of the nail salon near you offer this service. On the average, you can get a manicure for $13, and then go back to after a week to get a polish change for a total of $18. That tells you that with just $5, you can get your nails all polished and pretty. Going for a polish change is one way to save money at the nail salon. The average manicure in the U.S cost between $20 and $25, and that’s for a basic service, that’s is to get a full manicure or pedicure, you’ll spend at about $22 on the average. A polish change service on the average costs between $5 and $10 with an extra benefit of getting something close to a full manicure service.

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You may be asking; can I bring my own nail polish to a salon?

Absolutely, if your salon only wants to use their product, then something is wrong. You can avoid all the toxic chemicals in polishes by taking you nail polish to the salon. In fact, nail tools can collect bacteria, fungi, and numerous viruses. Indeed, all salons are expected to sterilize their tools to meet sanitary regulations for the safety and health of their customers, at the same time it’s perfectly okay if you feel more comfortable taking your set to the salon.

What constitutes a nail polish service?

For a professional nail polish service, it includes the removal of the old polish, filing, cuticles and then re-polishing your nails. It's best to file your nails so that the calluses will be smoothened out. However, your beautician will know what is best to do. Your nails are filed, shaped, and then polished with whatever color of your choice and you’re all done. That’s it, your polish change service does not take the whole day.

Please leave comments on other ways to have your polished changed.