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Nail Tek intensive therapy ii review

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Vy Nhu / 25 Aug, 2017

If you have thought that your nails have been ruined without repiar, or recompense, Nail Tek provides you with an opportunity to restore soft or peeling nails. The Intensive Therapy II is made to improve weak and soft nails. This protein formula has been said to seal the different layers of the nail. When it is applied as instructed, it builds a steady increase of the exact nail health required and thickens the nail till it is restored to perfection. We would consider the Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II’s reviews, its pros and cons and how to make it the most effective.

Nail Tek and Intensive Therapy

Known for their different products that not only beautify nails but promote nail health, Nail Tek’s intensive therapy to treat weak nails for their valued customers is no surprise. With the creation of several unique products, the Intensive Therapy II is an addition that will allow you develop your nails to be exact and right state it needs to be in. This product has been attested by the company to wear worn and soft nails. If your nails have been damaged by a constant application f acrylic powder, the Intensive Therapy II might just be the next right buy.


Features of the Intensive Therapy II

Made in the USA, the Intensive Therapy II for treating your nails are made for weak and almost destroyed nails. With this strong formula, r as the name rightly suggest, intense formula, your nails are aid to be restored to their original form or even stronger, if they have been destroyed by a number of artificial products. They also strengthen nails that are naturally weak and soft.

Directions for Application

The Intensive Therapy contains certain ingredients that make it highly flammable and dangerous for consumption, not like you would try to eat a beauty product anytime. When you are ready to treat your nails with this formula, ensure to clean them thoroughly and properly. The Intensive Therapy II is best applied after you have used the Nail Tek Strengthening formula as a base coat. After applying the strengthening formula, make sure to apply your favorite nail lacquer over the   base coat. Apply the formula over the paint. Do this consistently for 7 days to reseal the protein fibers into the nails each day and achieve the desired results.


Customer Reviews

  • Affordable Pricing

The Intensive Therapy II is affordably priced. For its uses, both as a nail repairer and strengthener and as a base coat or top coat, Nail Tek is worth the amount. It is not too costly and definitely not hard to find in stores. You can also get it on some kind of discount depending on the store you make your purchase from.

  • Texture and Quality

The Intensive Therapy II has been reviewed to be a little bit waterier than it used to be. When the product as first released, it was thick and yet dried really fast. Not the product is a bit watery making it look like the formula was changed or adjusted. Another thing worth mention is that the product also takes longer to dry. It gets smeared and can take up to half an hour to dry if applied on top of two coats of lacquer. Still, there are instances when the formula dried almost as quickly and as normally as it used to.

  • Shine and Gloss

Since this formula application is mostly as a top coat for 7 days of intensive therapy, the shine or gloss is an important feature that will keep your nails looking neat and polished. Also, the effect this therapy as on nail lacquer as regards to chipping also determines its effect. If the product dries well and does not end up sticky, then it really has a great shine and feel after application. It also helps maintain the nail lacquer underneath it even after a period of 7 days.


The Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II made developed to strengthen and rebuild soft, weak and damaged nails. On this note, the formula has worked on several accounts. From making nails stronger to longer, a myriad of people has testified that once you can get the product to stay on and apply it faithfully, you will definitely see the results you are looking for. It works even for nails that have always been weak and crappy. If you have nails that crack during the winter due to the cold weather, the Intensive Therapy II is a good own for you.

It also helps to regrow chipped or peeled nails. If your nails have not grown for a period of time this might just be the right product for you. It will help to regrow your nails exactly as you want it regrown. You can now wear your choice polish and choice lacquer without worrying about your nail’s health since the Intensive Therapy II would work and keep your nails stronger than ever before.

Even though this nail acre product is relatively cheaper than others that perform the same function, this product has proven to be reliable and a fast worker. Although some reviewers have claimed to not see fast results, if you stay with it and keep applying it, you will definitely get lasting results that will allow your nails grow beautifully long and strong.

A point that might be worthy if note is that due to the difference in the results that people get from the products, I might be forced to conclude that a fake line of products have been sold. Please ensure to buy the original. If you get the real deal, then you are in for a treat because my Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II review definitely concludes that this product definitely works.

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