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Nail Tek 1 Maintenance plus review - Caring for your nails in a professional way

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Vy Nhu

Your nail is a reflection of your personality. If you agree to that, you will know that taking proper care of your nail isn’t an option but a necessity for you. We understand that sometimes because of your busy schedule, it might be difficult for you to visit the salon. Integrating your work routine with your salon time can be a daunting task but we got you covered because you will learn everything when it comes to transforming your nails into a fabulous painting. This article is all you need if you want to take care of your nails on your own without any professional. Having a strong nail is not a hard thing. Nail Tek Maintenance Plus is a product used for keeping a strong and protected nail. According to a Nail Tek 1 maintenance plus review, it is much more than maintenance but a therapy in keeping your nails beautiful and strong.


Do you know that you can actually do your manicure on your own without any professional? However, there are disadvantages to this such as using one hand compared to the professionals that make use of the two. Nevertheless, if you want to be “one hand short”, it is important to have all the tools. If you are ready to avoid mishaps, frustration, and fumbling then let us ride along. You will need some basic tools in carrying out this activity such as nail file, buffing tool, nail cleaning tool, nail trimmer, nail polish remover, top coat, nail polish, moisturizer, gentle hand soap, cuticle cream, and pads or cotton balls. Besides having these tools, another thing to put into consideration is the position you place your nails. A solid and flat surface that is large to accommodate your items and hands is vital. Remember good ventilation, light, and free of dust is paramount. Since you are doing it on your own, you may require something to keep you distracted, a music will be perfect. Therefore, if you are ready to learn the secret of manicuring yourself against the popular belief from Nail Tek 1 maintenance plus review that is impossible, let us ride together.

Remove old polish: Removing your chipped and old nail polish is important. You can do this with cotton balls or pads and polish remover. There are various products available, which combines polish remover solvent and pads in removing old polish. Another alternative is the use of acetone, which is commonly sold in the market. Irrespective of the remover (non-acetone or acetone based polish) used it is a personal choice. However, the following are some advantages and disadvantages of using both products.

Non-Acetone: This requires some sort of hard work from you but have less damage to your nails and keep the cuticles stiff and dry. Non-acetone nail polish have acetic and ethanol acid content. Some of these products have moisturizers added to them. When you make use of it, you will not perceive any chemical smell.


Acetone: Most of these products contain a solvent that are flammables like toluene and 2-propanone. It has the capacity of making the skin and nails to dry, which some people do not want. Most reviewers from the Nail Tek 1 maintenance plus review are aware that toluene is one of the ingredients but give no thought to it because the product is not just gentle on the nails but have a lasting effect.

Note: Nail polish formula is changing always; therefore, if you consider one giving you a problem, consider switching to using another. Perhaps non-acetone remover does not work effectively; it is time to take the acetone route. Remember both acetone and non-acetone have been discovered to cause a headache, dizziness, eye irritation, confusion, shortness of breath, and nausea.

Shaping and smoothing your nails: Is there really a science involved in trimming your nail? Yes. Because nails have grain, therefore trimming it in a bidirectional way is definitely not an option, which leaves your nails slightly ragged. Rather file your nails always in a particular direction that is starting from the bottom edge to the center top. Switch side to side to the other nail until you have achieved a rounded and smooth curve. Perhaps your nails are longer than what you needed, you can trim them using a nail clipper prior to shaping them. This will help in saving you a lot of time. The goal in trimming your nail is creating a modified crescent.

Clean your nails: Cleaning your name is a requirement. Have you ever seen a painter that begin his masterpiece using a dirty canvas? Then you should clean your nails also. Before you decide on transforming your nails into an artwork, consider cleaning it first. Remember at the beginning we said your nail is a reflection of your personality. Remove the dirt under your nails using a cleaning tool while washing your hands properly to remove any form of grease, nail dust, dirt, or residual of the polish remover. Before applying cuticle oil, soak the nails in a warm soapy water for some time.

Apply cuticle oil: Respecting your cuticles is very important. Do I need to “respect” it? Yes, because they carry out an important function. They are responsible for creating a barrier that helps in protecting you against any form of fungal infection. Did you know that there is constant exposure of your nails to pressure, friction, cold and heat, and damaging substance? This could make it become brittle and weak when the required nutrition isn’t given to them such as iron and protein. The secret to keeping and having good looking nails lies in keeping your cuticles in shape and healthy. Cuticle creams can aid in revitalizing and softening the cuticle tissues. This helps in removing any form of bacteria. If you want to protect your cuticle, using a good nail cream with moisturizer is a necessity. In addition, the application of the cuticle oil or cream should be a regular thing before any form of manicure. Another alternative to cuticle oil is olive oil. Keep your nails from chipping and breaking by using a good product. There are many reviews such as the Nail Tek 1 maintenance plus review where you can learn how the secret to having a strong nail.

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