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OPI Polish Remover Reviews - A Complete Guide

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Vy Nhu / 23 Aug, 2017

You might feel that nail polish removers are just an ordinary item and there is not much to it when it comes to selecting one. Most people buy just about any type from the many removers that are easily available at their nearest stores. We will not only give you a complete OPI Polish Remover Reviews with the other popular remover brands, but will also enlighten you about the importance of selecting the right remover for your gorgeous nails.

You might be thinking, what can be more to a “Remover” it is something used simply to remove nail paint. Moreover, many even feel that the differently styled bottles are made just to make you pay some extra bucks. Well, if you think the same way, you won’t from now on, once you know the differences in between each remover and how each one helps in the improvement of the nails.

Different types of removers

Although, all nail paint removers get the same job done, that is remove the polish from your nails leaving them completely nude. Moreover, have you ever given a thought that not all of us share the same skin type or color and we all have different types and issues of nails? Therefore, how possibly can one type of product suit all the different type of people? You got my point? This is the reason you see many brands and types of nail polish removers in the market, one that fits perfectly to each skin and nail type. Let’s list down some of the types of removers available:

Bottled Nail Paint Remover

This is one of the most popularly used removers by women worldwide. It not only is very easily available it is quite affordable as well. When you buy a general bottle remover, you usually need cotton swabs, balls or pads to soak the liquid remover and then gently wipe away each fingernail to perfectly remove the polish. However, you need to know that bottle polish removers come in different formulas and each formula provides your nails with different benefits, example;

  • Bottle remover with strengthening ingredients - If you have weak or soft nails, you must select a remover that comes with strengthening ingredients. These contain a proper mixture of protein and vitamins to help your nails become stronger and healthier at the same time it does its job, which is removing the color on your nails. So, if you have nails that break easily, you must consider buying this type of nail strengthening remover.
  • Bottle remover with moisturizing ingredients - If you have dry or brittle nails then you must opt to use a remover that comes with moisturizing ingredients. These contain aloe-vera and vitamins that help in keeping your dry and brittle nails in check. Moreover, you not only get your color off your nails, you are even helping it remain moist, nourished as well as healthy. So, select this type of moisturizing remover if your nails tend to get dry easily.

Nail polish removal pads

Most women know the bottle form of polish removers, however if you think of it, carrying these bottle removers can be tough while you travel. Henceforth, you now have options like “Remover Pads” to easily remove the nail polish from your nails without much of a mess. These are cotton pads soaked in nail removal liquid used to remove polish from your nails. These do the job well like any other removers and are quite easy to carry even in a small purse.

Nail polish removal pots

This is another great way to remove your nail polish without leaving the entire room with the fragrance of a remover usually found in all polish removers. This is simply a pot/container with sponge inside it and its filled with removal liquid and has a slit in between where you can push your fingernails one at a time and twist and turn your finer a bit to remove all the color from it. This removal technique is very unique, easy and hassle free.

Nail polish removal pen or corrector

This is truly an amazing and highly useful tool that all women who are very particular about perfection in nail coloring. Especially if you are someone new to learning how to get nail art done by yourself, you must have this high-tech tool on the top of your list. This pen like remover has a cotton tip and is filled with polish remover and should be used only on the area that you desire to remove polish from. Perfect for women who demand perfection!

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Check our list of other favorite brands that we know does the job just as well.

  1. LA Pads – With six exciting fragrances to choose from this remover is acetone free and is known to remover polish from your nails with perfection.
  2. Cutex – Helps not only strengthening of nails it even helps them grow faster. Enriched with protein for stronger and longer nails!
  3. Super Nail – Best for repairing lines over your nails and helps in eliminating fills over the nails as well. Helps in making your nails smoother and helps it from chipping as well.
  4. Organic Remover – A powerful remover with no harmful ingredients in it; is not only vegan it is a non-toxic product. Helps in keeping your nails well hydrated, leaving it look absolutely fresh and clean.
  5. OPI Remover – You might have already read many OPI Polish Remover Reviews, here is another one. Can be used on all color polishes, gives amazing results on gel polished as well as is great for acrylic ones. Pampers your nails to extremes leaving it healthy shiny as well as streak free.

So, hope you won’t consider all bottled nail polish removers as one and will choose wisely to keep your nail health in check!

Let us know in the comments below which Nail polish remover from OPI is your favorite. Perhaps you’re not an OPI fan, let us know which nail polish is the one for you.