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Seche Crystal Clear Base Coat Review - The important ingredients of the top and base coats

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Vy Nhu / 23 Aug, 2017

According to professionals, you can do these at home by yourself if you only stick to the prescribed steps and follow them appropriately. In this article, you will learn what elements are in the top and base coats, the key difference between the base and top coats, and what makes them different in the polish? With these, you can save lots of money. If you are ready, let us start!

Completing your manicure or pedicure at home involves some steps and these steps start with a pure or clear base coat. The essence of this is to help in keeping the polish stuck on the nail easily.


Interesting facts;

  • Besides this, a base coat helps in creating a hedge, which aids in protecting the nails from the destructive effects of the nail polish. Additionally, it also hinders the peeling and staining of the nail and adds more texture. Base coats comprise of ridge-filler and plain varieties. The difference is that the ridge-filling base coats, when compared with the regular base coats, are much thicker. They fill any ridges, lines, and grooves to give a smoother looking appearance to the nails. Most of the Seche Crystal Clear Base Coat online agrees that the ingredients in these base coats help in keeping the nails healthier and prevent peeling, splitting, and breaking.
  • The base coats contained ingredients such as calcium, Vitamin E, or protein. Immediately the base coat gets dry, you can apply two coats of colored nail polish instead of one because this gives the nail a richer look.
  • For those who do not want to use the colored polish together, can make use of the base coat only and this will look natural and shiny.
  • Finally, you can complete the pedicure or manicure using a top coat in sealing the polish. This is important as it prevents the nail from chipping and makes it look shining
  • Some manicure products combine a top and base coat; however, this might not work perfectly as when you are using a separate base and top coats.
  • For those who are sensitive when using nail polish, they have to be careful as the base coats contain high resin content than the normal nail polish use. This is also the reason why many nails have polish allergies. Nevertheless, at the time, this may look like a hassle but the base coats help in extending the lifespan of the manicure and prevent the yellowing of the nails.


The Secret Ingredient of a Top and Base Coat

The well-known ingredient of a top and base coats help the polish in sticking to the nails and stop the nails from breaking and chipping.

The clear base coat is first used on the natural nail in order to secure it to the nail bed. This acts as a bonding agent for the tincture to join.

The top coat is later applied through the polish to help in sealing the color and protecting it. One question in the mind of many who make Seche Crystal Clear Base Coat is how does the top coat help in preventing the breaking and chipping of the nails?

What is the base coat?

It is responsible for ensuring that the natural nail is fixed effectively and provides a layer on the top, which will not only be receptive to the polish but forms a strong bond when applied with the polish.

What is the top coat?

The description of a top coat is like a layer of lacquer, which is applied over a dried colored polish in order to produce a barrier surface in preventing against the chipping of the nail and provision of a high-gloss shine, which within a short time dries up.

What is the content of the base and top coats?

Solvents are one of the ingredients used for top and base coats and acts as carriers of other chemicals needed to work on the nail. These chemicals are liquefied into solvents since they cannot stand on their own as a liquid. Chemists’ make use of volatile solvents in order to produce lacquers. This results in easier evaporation. Lacquers require a combination of these solvents in delivering other chemicals to the nails, and later evaporate leaving behind the functional chemicals to carry out their work on the nail. Butyl acetate and ethyl are the common nail product solvents. Plasticizers are also ingredients within the base coats. These are chemicals responsible for adding flexibility to substance. This is significant because for base coats you need a layer, which will not break but will bend with the natural nail. The base coats also require cellulose chemicals in creating the double-sided sticky layer, which sticks to the polish and the natural nail. On the other hand, top coats have the capability of drying fast and creating a high-gloss shine. The agent responsible for this “shiny nature” is the nitrocellulose content. The top coats require more cellulose-based chemicals in getting an accurate shine. The thicker the glue is, the more it shines and the longer it will dry.

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What makes the top and coat base different from polish? 

The primary difference between the base, top and colored polish according to Seche Crystal Clear Base Coat Review is the combination of the pigments, plasticizers, cellulose chemicals, and volatile solvents. When manufacturers are producing colored polish, pigments are included to have an effect on the different chemicals and the functionality of the polish can be affected slightly. This is the key reason why clear base and top coats work well if you want a durable polish and lasting wear.

This is our Seche Crystal Clear Base Coat review. We’d love to know your thoughts. Leave your comments below.