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OPI start to finish base and top coat – Proven Tips to Wearing That Professional

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Vy Nhu / 22 Aug, 2017

OPI start to finish base and top coat – Proven Tips to Wearing That Professional Look on Your Nails

As experts say, always the best accessories that you have are your nails. Once you polish your nails to perfection, you change your entire appearance and receive the recognition that you have never had before. If you manage to sport a French manicure, you exude confidence, elegance, and sophistication. You communicate love once you do an OPI start to finish base and top coat of super bright polish. Give your nails some art and your friends will read adventure and creativity in your appearance. If you need to get pampered, all you need to do is to put on a classic nail art and you grab attention like no other!

Foundation of Good Manicure

If you need to get the best manicure, you need to have some basic knowledge about nail beauty. OPI start to finish base and top coat are part of the products that you need to always have if you are after the best finish roped in with pure bliss. A perfect nail shape is the basis of any decent manicure. It does not matter if you have long or short nails, square or oval; every nail shape communicates a very different overall image on the overall appearance of your hands and nails. If you need to save some dimes or you run through a very tight schedule, you will certainly love home manicure.

Creating the perfect manicure – the right way


Step 1: Disinfect your hands with a Pro Sceptic spray and use a tissue to dry them up.

Step 2: Remove the nail polish, using the classy ProNails Non-Acetone Polish Remover as well as a cosmetic pad.

Step 3: On the cuticles, apply the effective ProNails Cuticle Remover. As this product soaks up on your nails, use a ProNails Black Board Wood File to shape your nails to the shape you desire. Before you file your nails, have the shape you want in mind, and you are best placed to shape them.

Step 4: You can use a Cuticle Cleaner, ProNails Cobalt Cuticle Pusher, ProNails Manicure Stick Wood or ProNails Cuticle Pusher (recommended) to push your cuticles backward. Many people overlook this step doing which the OPI start to finish base and top coat will not appear as classic as you desire.

Step 5: Add some lukewarm water in the Manicure Bowl. Use the Pro Nature Lavender Jasmin Hand Soap and soak your hands in the mix for a few minutes. This will ensure that the cuticles get softened and also the dead skin for ease of removal.

Step 6: In order to ensure that you remove the dead skin, use the Pro Nature Green Tea Hand Scrub. Massage your hands softly for effective removal. Use the ProNails Hand Care Sponge or a soft towel to pat dry your hands.

Step 7: In case there is hard skin around your nails, use the Banana Cuti Stone to discard it.

Step 8: Use your preferred Express Shine Buffer to buff your nails. Remove any impurities and ridges, using the green side. Use the white side to polish your nails to accomplish an ideal natural gloss.

Step 10: Apply OPI start to finish base and top coat and ProNails Cuticle Food. Massage the cuticles gently. Use ProNature Anti-Age Cream to massage your nails.

What to know before painting your nails?


1. You need three strokes only

If you plan to paint your nails to perfection, three strokes are all you need. Dip the brush into the OPI start to finish base and top coat and ensure that you achieve the head shape that you want. The nail polish should do the majority of the work, so spread it out and dot your nails. From the base of your nails, stroke your brush on your left, right, and finally down to the center!

2. Never forget the base coat

An OPI start to finish base and top coat may take more time, but this is what you need to achieve a classy color that you can boast of. In addition, this renders your nails an extra life and prevents them from staining or getting pigmented.

3. Find the best white

Let’s face it! Not every white is good for your nails. White nail polish cannot be cooler than it is currently. It furnishes a superb look and a must wear for anyone, who needs the decent nail look. When you go shopping for an OPI start to finish base and top coat, ensure you get a creamy and thick formula so that it does not get too streaky or sheer. If you want to know that it’s opaque, take your brush and wipe against the inside of the bottle. If it turns sheer on the inside part of the bottle, you have not bought yourself a pigmented one enough.

4. Do not use OPI start to finish base and top coat nail polish that dries up easily

An OPI start to finish base and top coat that dries up easily should not be your preferred choice. It will dehydrate your nails, thus drying them up. You do not want this, do you?

5. Religiously swipe cuticle oil

If you always want to appear glossy and shiny, ensure that you use cuticle oil. This is what causes your nails to always stay hydrated. After painting the nails, apply the cuticle oil all over your nails. If you hit something accidentally, ensure that you apply the cuticle since this is what makes them look oily.

6. Keep your OPI start to finish base and top coat in a fridge

You give your nail polish a longer lifespan if you store it perfectly. Overexposure to sunlight and heat often alters its color and thickness.

7. Use thin coats of OPI start to finish base and top coat

Whenever you turn to paint your nails, make sure that you use a thin polish for it to dry fast. Apply it in three coats other than one or two thick layers since such layers never dry up.

8. Avoid shaking your nails

Shaking your nails gives your nails some air bubbles. Instead of shaking them, roll them back and forth on your hands as you hold the polish upright. Relax your nails after applying the polish.

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