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What is the average price for a polish change

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That moment when you get your nails freshly painted and they are looking all pretty and glossy, but then you try to pick something from your purse and there you have it, you have your nails get all messed up. Another scenario is you getting really swamped with work and life events and you forget there is something called a nail salon. Who wouldn’t like the idea of walking into a spa, being treated like a queen for about an hour and then leaving feeling like Beyoncé.  Wish that moment of glory could last forever, but it’s just for a moment or better still for a week or more.  It all gets messed up either while trying to do laundry or fix the dishes. What do you do when you look at your nails and you realise they are a big hot mess? A polish change is your go to. It’s a service almost all nail salons in the states offer, it can also be referred to a mini manicure. With just a polish change you can get close results to getting a full manicure or pedicure service.


What to expect?

Tips for getting a polish change

Whether you are the type that gets a polish change regularly or you reserve your visit to the nail salon till when you have special occasions like weddings or prom, it is necessary for you to know what occurs while getting your nails all glammed up! Here are few tips for you

  • Book an appointment. After your long or short decision of getting a polish change, it is nest to book an appointment with your salon or any salon you decide to get your nails done. It is no new that most salons take walk-ins, but there are times when these salons get really booked up and busy. So, if you don’t want to waste your time and energy, it’s best you schedule your service. Most spas and salons in the U.S have online bookings, this makes it very easy book for your service whenever you feel the urge to. It is quicker, saves time and prevents disappointments.
  • Get to the salon early. Make sure you always get to your appointment on time. So if you happen to be quite indecisive on what colour to use on your nails, arriving to the salon at least 10 minutes before time gives you the luxury of trying different colours and deciding on which to use. Majority of nail salons have a 15 minutes recovery time. This time gives the clients to test the colours on their nails and you can even ask for your technician’s opinion. It is just so much better to change your mind early than when you have the polish already applied.
  • Pay attention. It is very easy to get distracted the minute you sit on the super comfortable spa chair; the texts keep coming in and it can be quite difficult not to respond. But before you zone out totally and get engrossed with that GQ magazine, it is important you establish exactly what you want and communicate it to your technician. Your technician could ask you for what shape or colour you want but because of your absent-mindedness; you could just say anything or nod your head when asked for your opinion on the service. So, take it from someone speaking from experience, pay attention!
  • Ask questions. This is paramount especially when the tools are about to be used on your nails. Asked if they have been properly sanitized and don’t be timid about it. in all the states in the U.S, there is a mandate by the state board which requires all nail salons to use medical sterilizers. But irrespective of this, make sure the tools are properly cleaned. You don’t want to get an infection.
  • Don’t rush out of the salon. Unless you had gel polish on, you cannot race out of the salon. Apart from girl polishes, most polishes are still going to be wet and you can easily get them smudged. We would advise to wait for about 15-20 minutes and also stay careful for the next hour. You don’t want to get your hands inside your purse, and you are going to be wearing a covered shoe, do not put them on immediately. That is why it is generally advisable to wear open toed sandals to the nail salon or spa.

 Reasons to get a polish change.

There are quite a number of reasons we would advise you to get a nail polish change instead of the full manicure/pedicure experience but here are the top two on my list.

  • It saves money. So, depending on the nail salon, you can save up to $4 to $8, which means it is possible for you to save over $150 a year. Plus, you can afford to get a polish change every week. A complete pedicure treatment will cost you about $15, but with a polish change, you do not have to spend up to that and the amazing part is that you will get your nails looking glamorous as though you just got a full pedicure. With this budget, you can get a polish change every week or bi-weekly.
  • It saves time. Whether you have a very tight schedule, or you just do not see reasons why you should waste your time sitting around in a salon, a polish change is the go to for you. It doesn’t take the all day and in 30 minutes, you are out of the salon.

There are different types of polish change services being rendered by different salons and spas all over the U.S. depending on the nails you have on; the prices vary respectively. The average price for polish in the United States ranges from $5 to $20 for a basic service.  A simple polish change will keep your nails looking pretty without draining your pocket till the last dollar. Anywhere you are in the U.S, a polish change is not hard to come by at all. In contrast with getting a full pedicure for $25, you will spend between $5 to$10.

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If you know of any prices for a polish change, please kindly drop them in the comment section below.