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Where to find Cheap Foot massage near me

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To understand what foot massage is, we have to be able to decipher what massage is. Massage is a way of motioning and functioning by causing a friction and pressure between coming in contact of one part of the body and another part, like a masseur or masseuse’s hand, fingers, knees, forearm, feet coming in contact with someone else’s body, or even a device kneading someone else’s body. It involves, pressing, rubbing, working, hitting someone’s body. This is done to help prepare for muscular action or to relieve their body from any aches. It is seen as a process of preserve the health, it is usually done while lying on a massage table a massage chair.


 Foot massage is therefore an act of motioning and functioning by causing a friction and pressure on the feet, and by that, influencing other parts and tissues of the body. Foot massage is responsible for making our foot evincing healthy, it reduces inflexibility, and lessens ache in the foot region, which could extend to other parts of the body. Sometimes, there are nervous system disorders that includes the brain as well as the spinal cord. Which also includes the central nervous system and the nerves, muscles and neuromuscular junction of the peripheral nervous system that makes one’s leg uneasy and restless. This disorder can be improved by foot massage, foot massage can sound or look so mundane when it is recommended but has lots of health and even beauty benefits. It lowers blood pressure it helps those with low blood pressure, helps pregnant women and women in their menopause. It aids swift and fast recovery, and it keeps injuries from occurring and happening. Foot massage helps to make less severe headaches and even megrims also known as migraines.

Why/benefits/importance of foot massage

  • Absence of stress:  foot massage brings about the absence of stress, and lack of agitation and disturbance, massaging the feet gives a feel of calmness and serenity.
  • It helps to relax the body: foot massage helps to make our body less tensed, severe and calm, the celiac plexus reflex or region is one crucial juncture that when reached, makes the body loose, because that is the seat of anxiety and so when a trained massage practitioner gets it, it relieves one from all the pain stored up in the muscles and joints
  • It gives a pleasurable and erotic sensation: foot massage could be a refreshing rite of practice. For couple, it could help arouse or heighten their love life and sex drive.
  • Augmentation of immunity: it improves the ability to attack the organisms and substance that causes diseases and illnesses. It helps to cleanse, it helps to protect and remove waste products from the human body, inadequate diet, not getting enough sleep, and in-active lifestyle can cause one’s immune system to be weakened.  
  • It rejuvenates the body: massaging of the foot makes one look younger and dapper, not just look; it also makes one feel young at heart, as it refreshes
  • It maintains equilibrium and balance: foot massage influences body balance and total and complete health living.
  • It purifies the body and aids circulation:  foot massage helps for free passage of blood in the blood-vascular system and smooth movement of blood, lack of blood circulation can be caused by tight shoes, being in a particular position for a very long time.
  • Vitality, energy and vigour:  it renews and replenishes energy, especially after work out routines, hitting they gym, walking around, and standing up for a long period of time. Foot massages helps to free blockages and ease one and alleviates one from pain.
  • It helps to incite sleep: because massaging of the foot helps to relive stress, and makes our body calm, it makes sleeping better, and peaceful. It helps the body wind off, and fosters sleep.

 How is foot massage different from other body part massage?

It is different as massage is done through the foot which affects the other parts of the body, but the foot is the substance of healing, also, the concentration of the pressure and friction is on the foot.

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Foot massage near me

It is important for us to have and do our foot massage in a place near us, for various reasons:

Tight shoes could be a reason why we need an immediate and urgent massage after a very long, stressful day, we need a normal foot massage before retiring to bed, of course we do not want to stress our already stressed self by going to a far place, when we can easily get a foot massage close

 women who are pregnant, needs foot massage all the time , because of swollen feet, oedema and the involuntary withholding of fluids like faeces, and urine would also need massage, proximity can be a reason why they do not want a massage, however, it is advisable they have their foot massage done somewhere close.

Menstruation and menopause could require a daily, steady and consistent massage, which implies that the proximity of where the massage will be done would not be far at all. Having a foot massage, somewhere close reduces cost of transportation and road related stress.

High blood pressure and low blood pressure patients needs foot massage importantly, they need massage about 2-4 times in a week, with the busy lifestyle of Americans and America, high blood pressure and low blood pressure patients would not be able to deal with the constant blaring of horns, and hustling life, so, definitely, they need a massage close to them.

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The amazing thing about foot massage is that it is very cheap and less expensive, even the processes involves are very tactful, and not that serious to deal with, it only involves trained people in that field.  We have an endless list of places where cheap foot massage is done and does not cost a fortune and you would not have to break a bank before you get your foot massaged.

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