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Ask yourself this question… Where can I find a foot massage and pedicure near me

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A pedicure and a foot massage are a beautiful gift idea for a friend or a colleague. It’s a fantastic way to relax yourself while you have your feet pampered and polished, it’s also a great way to unwind and relax after a long and hectic day especially if your job involves standing for long hours. A simple pedicure treatment is totally what you need to get your feet all gleaming and pretty but before you get you step into a nearby spa, spa, here are things you should know.

  • During a spa pedicure service, expect to have your nails cut and trimmed, your feet soaked in a warm water. A pumice stone is your best friend during a pedicure treatment, it is usually used to buff away dry skin and then your feet are exfoliated before your toe nails are polished.
  • Most salons offer a service known as a paraffin wax treatment. This service is rendered by dipping your feet into a melted paraffin wax. This is done to soften and moisturize the skin around your feet. As soon as the wax is cooled, it becomes hard and is then wiped away

Foot massages over the centuries has been considered to have so many health benefits. If you are a workaholic like me, I recommend a foot massage at least once a week. Not having the time to go to a spa due to your busy work schedule is no reason to forgo a really nice foot massage. You could get rid of the pains you feel due to your pointy Louis bouton shoes and relax after a long busy week. So are you a busy bee and does not have the luxury of time to spend at the spa watching TV or reading a not so vogue magazine, the good news is you can give yourself a relaxing and refreshing foot massage. Techniques to apply while massaging your feet are not rock science; they are quite simple and easy to follow. Here are some techniques you can apply. You begin by looking for sore spots on your feet and gently massage them. It can either feel good or bad. If it’s feels bad, then use more gentle massage. Without further or do, here are some self-foot massage techniques


Start by identifying the pressure points on the sole of your feet and then apply pressure as deeply bas you enjoy. You should pay attention that are really sore and then rub gently. Remember the arc of your feet and then rub your arches all the way from your heels to your foot.


Note that you are to use your fingers and not a massage tool.  Avoid using your thumb so much that it becomes sore and weak. You can place a tennis ball under your feet to avoid putting so much pressure on your fingers and wrist. Bend your toes back and forth using your fingers and if you have been wearing shoes all day, pull and wiggle your toes. Massage each toe and the space in between them and do not forget to massage the top of your foot.

A foot massage is a great way to slow down the pace of your day especially if your day has been a fast track one.  It is an opportunity to calm down and fill your mind with thoughts of things that makes you happy.


Most spa in the U.S offer both pedicure services and foot massages. Most time, they both go hand in hand. After having your feet massages and pampered, you could then go for really nice pedicure treatment. These services on the average cost at about $40. The prices range varies from spa to spa especially when putting into the consideration the location. Basically, foot massages are charged per session which includes 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 1 hour. You would have to call the nearest spa to you and book an appointment but before you do that it is advisable you visit their website to have an idea of what their price range is.

30 minutes foot massage session performed on a foot massage chair costs at about $48. $65 for 30 minutes, and $85 for an hour.


When you finally decide to give yourself a nice pedicure treatment there is a possibility of not knowing the exact pedicure to go for. there are different types of pedicure treatment for your toes. It is mostly best to pick the pedicure that is suitable for your budget.  A lot of salons and nail spa in the U.S offer different types of pedicure services and knowing each type will enhance your decision-making process of which type of pedicure to go for. Here are some types of pedicures

  • Regular pedicure
  • Gel pedicure
  • Paraffin pedicure
  • Fish pedicure
  • Chocolate pedicure
  • Rose pedicure

If you are a believer in the beauty in simplicity, I’ll recommend you go for the regular pedicure. It is for one, the most common type and it provides an ease of maintenance. It involves soaking your feet in warm water, scrubbing, clipping and shaping of your toe nails and then foot massage which is then concluded by the application of a nail polish of your choice.

Why should I get a pedicure?

Most salon and spa offer a foot massage in their pedicure services. It is the most relaxing and pleasant part of a pedicure treatment. The health benefits of a foot massage cannot be overemphasized. It helps to increase blood circulation and reduces tension and pressure in the feet. Promoting blood circulation can suppress pain in the feet and ease the circulation of blood throughout the body. A good pedicure can be refreshing and therapeutic. Treating yourself to a salon or a spa pedicure not only help keep your feet looking glossy and pretty, it also keeps your nails shaped and trimmed, with your skin being moisturized. In addition, the foot massage process helps to decrease the chances of infection and generally relaxes your body.

If you’re still asking; where can I get a foot massage and pedicure near me? Book yours here;

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Irrespective of which state you are in, there are salons and spa all over the states. Find one near you and treat your feet to a nice and relaxing pedicure.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section.